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Quest Type
Event Quest
Seething Bazelgeuse
Special Arena


All runs

Arthur (肉卷大大) 05'54"58Dual BladesFreestyle
AmaDEUS_225 07'50"13Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
yk 06'47"20LanceFreestyle
HCZS 04'36"25Charge BladeFreestyle
Preydator 06'49"45Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
D-67 05'52"00GunlanceFreestyle
luna 04'20"28Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Xeu7 04'30"20Heavy BowgunFreestyle
めがーぬ (Meganu) 06'59"63Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
蜂蜜ゆうた (Yuuta) 05'56"23LanceFreestyle
osk 06'09"90LanceTA Wiki Rules
Ray 06'52"98Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Synergy Mygos05'27"88Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
GtSIANG2801 04'38"99Switch AxeFreestyle
AmaDEUS_225 06'49"18Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
ハシク (Hashiku) 05'34"16Long SwordFreestyle
えり (Eri) 05'27"48Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
CeraCymmetry 05'02"18Charge BladeFreestyle
ryoko 05'03"80Switch AxeFreestyle
luna 03'42"20Heavy BowgunFreestyle
GEKOchan (Omega339) 05'55"36LanceTA Wiki Rules
PongPong LEE 05'26"99Light BowgunFreestyle
TYJordan 04'30"90Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Rainy 04'34"13Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Right 05'17"00Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
QBao 05'05"68Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ミラ (Mira) 06'06"30Long SwordFreestyle
BBDW 06'16"30Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
ぬー (Nu) 06'17"58HammerTA Wiki Rules
XenophicsKR 07'20"99Long SwordFreestyle
イノリ (Inori) 04'54"88GunlanceFreestyle
Randel Daora 02'31"06Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Vycery 05'24"30LanceFreestyle
折紙正宗 (Origami Masamune) 04'09"70Switch AxeFreestyle
虚妄谜团 06'13"61Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
Mai LBG 05'25"53Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
くっしー (Kusshi) 04'34"18Long SwordFreestyle
なつめ棗 (Natsume) 04'32"46Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
湊雪菜 (minato yukina) 05'36"98Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
くっしー (Kusshi) 04'17"00Long SwordFreestyle
のら (Nora) 04'45"68Switch AxeFreestyle
ぬー (Nu) 05'17"33HammerTA Wiki Rules
Zero 05'34"23Long SwordFreestyle
りおなるど 06'38"68Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
Satia 03'24"80Switch AxeFreestyle
DB中二 06'08"99Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
くっしー (Kusshi) 05'34"93Insect GlaiveFreestyle
TheHeavenlyDao 05'49"35Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
くっしー (Kusshi) 05'04"33Insect GlaiveFreestyle
響子 06'15"99Long SwordFreestyle
sweet beru 06'36"91Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
柿の種 (Kakinotane) 04'57"43BowTA Wiki Rules
すぷかれ〜 05'18"91Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
柿の種 (Kakinotane) 03'50"83BowFreestyle
いろはす (Iroha) 03'43"73BowTA Wiki Rules
Wata. 04'49"06GunlanceFreestyle
くっしー (Kusshi) 04'46"30Insect GlaiveFreestyle
yk 05'48"05LanceFreestyle
ししまい (Shishimai) 05'32"48Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
トーリィ (Torri) 04'37"41BowTA Wiki Rules
ボム (Bomb) 03'50"86Great SwordFreestyle
響子 05'20"91Long SwordFreestyle
かにたま (Kanitama) 04'21"56Switch AxeFreestyle
SDHunter 03'33"81Switch AxeFreestyle
4nToN (4nN) 04'13"46BowTA Wiki Rules
かにたま (Kanitama) 05'52"06LanceFreestyle
響子 05'07"51Long SwordFreestyle
柿の種 (Kakinotane) 03'58"60BowTA Wiki Rules
Peco 06'15"03Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
theguywithnoaccount 05'12"03Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
湊雪菜 (minato yukina) 05'23"10Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
MAX 05'29"30Charge BladeFreestyle
のら (Nora) 04'32"80Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
05'24"31Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
はおー (Haoh) 03'32"73Light BowgunFreestyle
Peppo 03'49"45Long SwordFreestyle
Ponyteiru 03'46"31Light BowgunFreestyle
DanteMundus 06'27"61Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
AngBata 11 03'15"68Light BowgunFreestyle
Fox Invictus 06'28"80Switch AxeFreestyle
Yuki 03'41"55BowFreestyle
DanteMundus 05'41"40Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
バルムンク 03'56"90Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Peco 04'39"51Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
RocksteadyIsMyDaddy 03'34"68Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
TyOx MH 04'31"38GunlanceFreestyle
Rolltorest 04'15"01Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
BloodHunt 03'13"18BowFreestyle
Prominence 05'18"75Long SwordFreestyle
shota (ショータ) 04'39"66Hunting HornFreestyle
愛されてドドリア (Aisaretedodoria) 02'31"45Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Peco 05'14"41Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
MAX 04'55"38Charge BladeFreestyle
MAX 04'21"21Charge BladeFreestyle
shota (ショータ) 06'13"23Hunting HornFreestyle
yinyin lai 05'15"18Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
BBDW 05'32"83Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
くっしー (Kusshi) 04'39"40Insect GlaiveFreestyle
MAX 04'02"98Charge BladeFreestyle
Ponyteiru 04'46"33Light BowgunFreestyle
響子 04'55"21Long SwordFreestyle
湊雪菜 (minato yukina) 04'58"61Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
AkantoreX 04'11"10Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
BBDW 05'12"03Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
ボム (Bomb) 04'47"43Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Mai LBG 04'43"10Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Hayato 03'55"93Charge BladeFreestyle
トモキ (Tomoki) 03'50"16Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
MAX 03'38"86Charge BladeFreestyle
yinyin lai 04'19"63Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Preydator 04'47"90Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Pochi 03'58"60Insect GlaiveFreestyle
マサ (masa) 03'08"40Dual BladesFreestyle
柿の種 (Kakinotane) 02'58"43BowFreestyle
Gilgy 04'48"53GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
Prominence 04'50"21Long SwordFreestyle
Arthur (肉卷大大) 03'47"95Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
弗丁shushu (fuding) 04'50"95Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Trenac Valvalion 03'52"46Light BowgunFreestyle
ふつきん (Futsukin) 03'26"81BowTA Wiki Rules
Guntong 03'26"35BowTA Wiki Rules
Farah 04'05"56Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
いろはす (Iroha) 03'16"40BowTA Wiki Rules
YYGGBOND 03'04"45BowTA Wiki Rules
keta 04'29"93Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
望遠鏡 (VulpesMH) 02'55"15Sword and ShieldFreestyle
keta 04'21"76Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ぐっちゃま (Guccyama) 05'57"56Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
ぜん (Zen) 03'58"71Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
ラギア (Ragia) 02'57"71BowFreestyle
String 06'49"43LanceTA Wiki Rules
TBT 03'45"45Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
いろはす (Iroha) 02'45"70BowTA Wiki Rules
Huuuch_ 03'48"91Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Ogarddrago 03'29"65Switch AxeFreestyle
Vunusa 04'56"96HammerFreestyle
데쿠애옹 (Izuku midoriya) 03'08"98Dual BladesFreestyle
Rolltorest 03'26"05Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Karry 04'53"30HammerFreestyle
Vunusa 04'51"85HammerFreestyle
Ogarddrago 03'17"90Switch AxeFreestyle
いわたわし (Iwatawashi) 03'23"11Charge BladeFreestyle
Alternum 04'00"41Insect GlaiveFreestyle
AlanChen 03'39"53Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
String 05'49"65LanceTA Wiki Rules


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