6★ Muscle Monkey Madness

Quest Type
Event Quest
Rajang, Rajang


All runs

seemo 05'50"23HammerTA Wiki Rules
막강한부엉이 (mightowllll) 04'59"00BowTA Wiki Rules
Millan Rain 04'51"40BowTA Wiki Rules
シルバ (siruba) 05'12"23HammerFreestyle
Millan Rain 04'28"93BowTA Wiki Rules
seemo 05'34"61HammerTA Wiki Rules
ハルケン (Haruken) 07'45"06LanceTA Wiki Rules
Hayato 05'51"91BowFreestyle
bosslo 04'26"21GunlanceFreestyle
buk 06'08"81Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
のぶ (Nobu) 05'12"45Long SwordFreestyle
Attacker 07'24"03Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
seemo 04'59"63HammerTA Wiki Rules
Mai LBG 06'11"06Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Preydator 07'50"56Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
BBDW 05'55"91Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Pochi 06'49"61Insect GlaiveFreestyle
はおー (Haoh) 04'55"51Light BowgunFreestyle
Anne Luca 06'39"83Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ぜん (Zen) 06'58"58Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Saico 06'00"65BowTA Wiki Rules
yinyin lai 07'16"53Charge BladeFreestyle
하모 (Hamo) 06'26"51Long SwordFreestyle
Anne Luca 06'19"13Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ryoko 05'17"61Switch AxeFreestyle
sweet beru 08'50"71Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
AkantoreX 07'09"99Great SwordFreestyle
白夜 (Byakuya) 05'20"88GunlanceFreestyle
ふなつべ 05'19"40GunlanceFreestyle
PongPong LEE 05'12"90Light BowgunFreestyle
Momo 07'16"76BowTA Wiki Rules
マサ (masa) 06'49"63Dual BladesFreestyle
白夜 (Byakuya) 05'00"81GunlanceFreestyle
ぐっちゃま (Guccyama) 09'50"66Hunting HornFreestyle
JJ 09'12"23Long SwordFreestyle
무한루프 07'36"91Long SwordFreestyle
막강한부엉이 (mightowllll) 06'25"53BowTA Wiki Rules
yinyin lai 06'00"43Charge BladeFreestyle
白夜 (Byakuya) 04'55"50GunlanceFreestyle
GunGai 05'37"81Light BowgunFreestyle
ふなつべ 04'20"81GunlanceFreestyle
Osiris 05'36"00Heavy BowgunFreestyle
seemo 06'44"90HammerTA Wiki Rules
蜂蜜ゆうた (Yuuta) 06'50"48LanceFreestyle
Peppo 05'34"13Long SwordFreestyle
Refill (リフィル) 05'37"46BowFreestyle
Arudo 05'49"05GunlanceFreestyle
ssh0703 04'43"63BowFreestyle
pepo 05'58"20HammerFreestyle
GaRaNa 06'46"30Sword and ShieldFreestyle
ssh0703 04'35"38BowFreestyle
Uden 08'33"25Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
ゆうひら (YU/HIRA) 06'49"03Great SwordFreestyle
Millan Rain 05'33"00BowTA Wiki Rules
Millan Rain 05'16"28BowTA Wiki Rules
막강한부엉이 (mightowllll) 05'25"96BowTA Wiki Rules
望遠鏡 (VulpesMH) 06'16"78Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Attacker 07'14"18Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
AmaDEUS_225 07'36"13Hunting HornFreestyle
ぐっちゃま (Guccyama) 07'48"65Hunting HornFreestyle
seemo 06'23"85Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Ottekoi 09'02"83Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
잉여토끼야 04'43"71GunlanceFreestyle
Aki 14'53"11Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
M.M.R 04'06"10BowTA Wiki Rules
대전설 (Grand Legend) 06'11"55Dual BladesFreestyle
쥐새 (MouseBird) 07'48"21Insect GlaiveFreestyle
Witchdoctor 07'20"36Insect GlaiveFreestyle
夤星 (Yínxīng) 03'53"78BowTA Wiki Rules
Doong 06'33"00Charge BladeFreestyle
쥐새 (MouseBird) 06'45"38Insect GlaiveFreestyle
벨멜료 (Vermello) 08'11"19Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
为了实现最后的梦 05'49"36Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
벨멜료 (Vermello) 07'56"85Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
nerumishou 06'21"13Insect GlaiveFreestyle
벨멜료 (Vermello) 07'04"21Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
seemo 05'16"65Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
獅獅 04'43"95BowTA Wiki Rules
Bertrand (베르트랑) 05'48"91HammerFreestyle
TBT 05'53"53Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Benji-boi 08'21"85Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules


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