6★ Ode to the Destruction

Quest Type
Event Quest
Ruiner Nergigante
Origin Isle


All runs

Laura 03'48"36BowFreestyle
ネコがみ (Nekogami Kuroha) 02'41"13BowFreestyle
ふぃ~ 02'59"10BowFreestyle
いわたわし (Iwatawashi) 04'12"33Charge BladeFreestyle
りざRZX 03'35"55BowTA Wiki Rules
Pacifist 04'05"46Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
DEVA 04'33"11Charge BladeFreestyle
무한루프 04'29"63Charge BladeFreestyle
黑化由岐 04'53"31Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
マサ (masa) 03'54"05Dual BladesFreestyle
GEEK 04'11"05Dual BladesFreestyle
ハシク (Hashiku) 04'55"48Great SwordFreestyle
ぼーJr. (BowJr.) 04'20"26GunlanceFreestyle
pepo 03'37"40HammerFreestyle
はおー (Haoh) 03'11"45Heavy BowgunFreestyle
AngBata 11 03'45"01Heavy BowgunFreestyle
チャンプ (Champ) 04'52"48Insect GlaiveFreestyle
NoeL 04'48"41Insect GlaiveFreestyle
ぐっちゃま (Guccyama) 04'34"40Hunting HornFreestyle
蜂蜜ゆうた (Yuuta) 04'35"90LanceFreestyle
はおー (Haoh) 04'09"61Light BowgunFreestyle
luna 05'47"05Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
yuuki 04'36"98Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ryoko 04'11"30Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
NeroZed04'44"25Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Yugo 04'53"03Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ハシク (Hashiku) 04'54"71Long SwordFreestyle
アクセル (AXL) 04'32"86Switch AxeFreestyle
Del-Pi 04'05"90Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
Blazek 04'02"70Sword and ShieldFreestyle
ぜん (Zen) 03'40"23Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
Momo 03'13"63BowFreestyle
ラギア (Ragia) 03'32"68BowTA Wiki Rules
ちょこころね (choco) 03'10"38BowFreestyle
HCZS 03'55"06Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
まふゆ 03'42"05Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
buk 03'52"16Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
黑化由岐 04'38"40Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
ボム (Bomb) 03'52"85Great SwordFreestyle
ゆうひら (YU/HIRA) 03'54"56Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
ワイ氏 (Wai-shi) 03'34"25Great SwordFreestyle
抹茶 (Matcha) 04'04"01GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
ko-shi 03'34"36Great SwordFreestyle
Wata. 04'44"78GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
pepo 03'00"66HammerFreestyle
愛されてドドリア (Aisaretedodoria) 02'47"16Heavy BowgunFreestyle
BOSS 02'58"65Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Raicheru 02'49"90Heavy BowgunFreestyle
テル (teru) 02'26"21Heavy BowgunFreestyle
tatsuffy 02'08"10Heavy BowgunFreestyle
ins2 04'37"55Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
shota (ショータ) 05'17"15Hunting HornFreestyle
NoeL 04'29"10Insect GlaiveFreestyle
トーカ (Toka) 04'59"58Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
PongPong LEE 05'12"91Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
はると (Haruto) 04'07"65Long SwordFreestyle
はおー (Haoh) 03'53"45Light BowgunFreestyle
infi (いんふぃ) 03'58"98Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
かげろう (Kagerou) 03'59"18Long SwordFreestyle
yuuki 04'18"21Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
シロネコ (Shironeko) 04'18"30Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ryoko 04'25"70Switch AxeFreestyle
Momo 03'00"86BowFreestyle
りざRZX 03'24"48BowTA Wiki Rules
ネコがみ (Nekogami Kuroha) 03'05"90BowTA Wiki Rules
ちょこころね (choco) 02'50"53BowFreestyle
Fox Invictus 06'18"21Switch AxeFreestyle
ラギア (Ragia) 03'21"68BowTA Wiki Rules
DEVA 03'41"53Charge BladeFreestyle
HCZS 03'38"60Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
ゴン (Gon) 04'48"73Dual BladesFreestyle
TAKE 03'29"18Great SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 02'49"99Great SwordFreestyle
白夜 (Byakuya) 04'01"20GunlanceFreestyle
naな4 04'01"26GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
CutieHunter 02'53"16Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Raicheru 02'39"38Heavy BowgunFreestyle
雪舞 02'51"99Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
AngBata 11 02'38"36Heavy BowgunFreestyle
ぐりん 04'56"43Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
렵적맨 05'38"88Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
la1556 04'28"38Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
Guardogaron 05'13"66LanceTA Wiki Rules
笑さん (warasan) 04'36"63Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
えるにか (Lnica) 04'05"58Long SwordFreestyle
03'51"10Long SwordFreestyle
こんにゃくん (Konnyaku) 04'55"51Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
とらこ (Torako) 03'51"83Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
Yugo 03'59"40Sword and ShieldFreestyle
いわたわし (Iwatawashi) 03'41"21Charge BladeFreestyle
なつめ棗 (Natsume) 04'35"36Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
Mistil 04'20"20Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
ぼーJr. (BowJr.) 03'48"41GunlanceFreestyle
Arudo 03'58"38GunlanceFreestyle
YAMA 04'29"63GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
Ryo 03'25"05GunlanceFreestyle
白夜 (Byakuya) 03'52"56GunlanceFreestyle
Raicheru 02'22"50Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Lupin lll 02'36"53Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
CutieHunter 02'33"98Heavy BowgunFreestyle
蜂蜜ゆうた (Yuuta) 03'57"58LanceFreestyle
のら (Nora) 04'25"10Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
마지 (MAZY) 04'36"86Long SwordFreestyle
望遠鏡 (VulpesMH) 02'59"10Sword and ShieldFreestyle
トーカ (Toka) 04'07"85Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
黑化由岐 04'09"88Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
マサ (masa) 03'16"10Dual BladesFreestyle
TAKE 02'51"01Great SwordFreestyle
pepo 03'51"08HammerTA Wiki Rules
Wata. 04'23"50GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
Ponyteiru 02'21"20Heavy BowgunFreestyle
CutieHunter 02'27"96Heavy BowgunFreestyle
雪舞 02'39"99Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
KCGemini 04'57"88LanceTA Wiki Rules
はおー (Haoh) 03'21"41Light BowgunFreestyle
keta 04'05"83Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
yuuki 04'10"66Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ゼロX (Zero X) 03'39"51Switch AxeFreestyle
Blazek 02'55"03Sword and ShieldFreestyle
むぎ (mugi) 04'11"86Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
TiiEleven 03'30"06Charge BladeFreestyle
Pacifist 02'55"43Charge BladeFreestyle
なつめ棗 (Natsume) 04'00"71Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
MasterBaker 04'30"55Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
ゆうひら (YU/HIRA) 03'50"28Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
naな4 03'57"56GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
CutieHunter 02'26"21Heavy BowgunFreestyle
hf 04'21"43Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Honey Butter 03'55"30Long SwordFreestyle
DRE 04'01"35Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
MAX 03'38"18Charge BladeFreestyle
お肉 (oniku) 03'35"81Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
BOSS 02'18"03Heavy BowgunFreestyle
CutieHunter 02'16"51Heavy BowgunFreestyle
笑さん (warasan) 04'59"41Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
Pochi 03'50"91Insect GlaiveFreestyle
luna 04'56"21Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
かげろう (Kagerou) 03'37"70Long SwordFreestyle
GEEK 03'57"35Dual BladesFreestyle
ko-shi 02'46"80Great SwordFreestyle
お肉 (oniku) 03'27"40Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Glucosio 03'46"10HammerFreestyle
玄茶 03'48"66HammerTA Wiki Rules
CutieHunter 02'14"48Heavy BowgunFreestyle
BOSS 02'07"45Heavy BowgunFreestyle
雪舞 02'29"99Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
おるめす (Orumesu) 03'49"15Long SwordFreestyle
RYO 03'56"95Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
シロネコ (Shironeko) 03'53"18Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Haruka GRAM 03'34"01Long SwordFreestyle
keta 03'54"80Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Haruka GRAM 03'44"35Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
望遠鏡 (VulpesMH) 02'48"53Sword and ShieldFreestyle
ラギア (Ragia) 02'40"33BowFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 02'28"99Great SwordFreestyle
KCGemini 04'50"03LanceTA Wiki Rules
woodfishman 05'21"26LanceTA Wiki Rules
Honey Butter 03'24"80Long SwordFreestyle
ryoko 03'40"68Long SwordFreestyle
りざRZX 03'19"53BowTA Wiki Rules
いわたわし (Iwatawashi) 02'47"15Charge BladeFreestyle
Haruka GRAM 03'17"13Long SwordFreestyle
RYO 03'47"08Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Peppo 03'25"38Long SwordFreestyle
ワイ氏 (Wai-shi) 02'38"26Great SwordFreestyle
謎のプリンXX 02'05"18Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Beer 03'39"58Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
흙손대장 (SandHand) 02'44"40Great SwordFreestyle
ゆうひら (YU/HIRA) 03'25"51Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
ふなつべ 03'19"88GunlanceFreestyle
佛系猎人 01'58"43Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Honey Butter 03'11"76Long SwordFreestyle
Mzly 03'20"66Long SwordFreestyle
GEEK 03'46"25Dual BladesFreestyle
ko-shi 03'27"98Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Haruka GRAM 03'06"88Long SwordFreestyle
レガリア (Regalia) 03'31"15Switch AxeFreestyle
Del-Pi 03'33"13Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
ネコがみ (Nekogami Kuroha) 02'36"35BowFreestyle
Pacifist 02'44"55Charge BladeFreestyle
ゆうひら (YU/HIRA) 03'17"00Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
ぼーJr. (BowJr.) 03'32"71GunlanceFreestyle
TAKE 02'39"73Great SwordFreestyle
Lupin lll 02'26"00Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Farah 04'53"28Hunting HornFreestyle
だばだばどぅ (Dabadabadou) 04'04"81LanceTA Wiki Rules
TBT 04'52"45Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
ほっかいどう 03'42"83Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
とらこ (Torako) 03'26"33Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
トーカ (Toka) 04'34"30Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
Minton 03'21"51BowTA Wiki Rules
ちょこころね (choco) 02'46"00BowFreestyle
Pacifist 03'33"21Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
ぜうす (ZeuS) 03'01"30Dual BladesFreestyle
ぼーJr. (BowJr.) 03'25"25GunlanceFreestyle
みら (Mira) 04'55"65Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
Benji-boi 05'23"33Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
ヤノ氏「紅」 (Yanoshi Kurenai) 04'53"10Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
ノイ (Noi) 04'19"45Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
アヘ顔のやわら (Yawara) 03'14"46Switch AxeFreestyle
望遠鏡 (VulpesMH) 02'39"86Sword and ShieldFreestyle
チョコレート 01'56"45Heavy BowgunFreestyle
TriTran 02'36"61BowFreestyle
CutieHunter 02'06"28Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Guardogaron 04'33"10LanceTA Wiki Rules
Attacker 03'59"81Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules


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