6★ Razzled, Frazzled, and Dazzled

Quest Type
Event Quest
Wildspire Waste


All runs

HCZS 05'00"75Charge BladeFreestyle
NoeL 06'42"38Insect GlaiveFreestyle
HCZS 04'03"88Charge BladeFreestyle
ぐっちゃま (Guccyama) 06'51"51Hunting HornFreestyle
チャンプ (Champ) 05'46"26Insect GlaiveFreestyle
蜂蜜ゆうた (Yuuta) 05'29"30LanceFreestyle
Black Reaper 02'54"65Dual BladesFreestyle
のら (Nora) 06'05"85Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
ssh0703 02'40"85BowFreestyle
Millan Rain 03'04"60BowFreestyle
Refill (リフィル) 03'31"13BowFreestyle
Refill (リフィル) 05'24"25BowFreestyle
PongPong LEE 04'47"73Light BowgunFreestyle
Anne Luca 04'55"76Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
マサ (masa) 04'03"83Dual BladesFreestyle
Jay 05'03"60Light BowgunFreestyle
Pochi 04'31"35Insect GlaiveFreestyle
NoeL 05'43"55Insect GlaiveFreestyle
ハシク (Hashiku) 05'42"66Long SwordFreestyle
Preydator 04'59"10Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
buk 04'59"16Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Preydator 03'39"45Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
buk 03'58"31Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Millan Rain 03'39"03BowTA Wiki Rules
Anne Luca 04'20"76Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Ottekoi 05'15"71Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
風丸 (Kazemaru) 04'41"78Sword and ShieldFreestyle
TiiEleven 03'15"31Charge BladeFreestyle
latellight 04'26"23GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
latellight 03'42"45GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
cie_n 06'34"15Hunting HornFreestyle
JJBOOMSKY 02'40"45BowFreestyle
JJBOOMSKY 02'39"73BowFreestyle
M.M.R 03'14"25BowTA Wiki Rules
SG K 02'59"46Great SwordFreestyle
Vunusa 06'42"51HammerFreestyle
Synergy Mygos04'52"35Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
SG K 02'57"51Great SwordFreestyle
SG K 02'55"23Great SwordFreestyle
Witchdoctor 04'23"40Insect GlaiveFreestyle
Synergy Mygos 03'51"86Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
DOKRAHM 03'36"20GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
cie_n 05'52"95Hunting HornFreestyle
Kekko 04'35"81Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
cie_n 05'26"51Hunting HornFreestyle
Jahimees 05'09"75HammerFreestyle
TBT 04'40"66Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Jahimees 04'24"43HammerFreestyle
Hoaquinn 04'15"00Light BowgunFreestyle


Summary (TA Wiki)

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