3★ Special Arena: MR Barioth

Quest Type
Optional Quest
Special Arena


All runs

ボム (Bomb) 04'31"75Great SwordFreestyle
Taxman 06'07"55Hunting HornFreestyle
小绿 04'55"99Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
AngBata 11 05'09"63Light BowgunFreestyle
Deaga 05'24"53Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
NoeL 05'38"00Insect GlaiveFreestyle
GaraGara-go 05'16"90Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
毛肚 04'55"99Long SwordFreestyle
Attacker 06'20"61Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
Pochi 04'49"60Insect GlaiveFreestyle
HKMH Archer 03'28"99BowFreestyle
Wata. 03'42"83GunlanceFreestyle
黛安娜公主 (Princess Diana) 02'50"55Heavy BowgunFreestyle
NoeL 03'54"61Insect GlaiveFreestyle
LOSER 06'05"21Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
Pochi 03'34"61Insect GlaiveFreestyle
PongPong LEE 05'05"99Light BowgunFreestyle
Peco 06'24"46Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
すい (Suy) 05'16"41Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
柿の種 (Kakinotane) 03'45"36BowFreestyle
shima 03'48"85Long SwordFreestyle
ryoko 04'00"06Switch AxeFreestyle
Eternal DU 05'57"73HammerTA Wiki Rules
shima 03'51"11Great SwordFreestyle
ボム (Bomb) 02'55"73Great SwordFreestyle
TyOx MH 03'23"41GunlanceFreestyle
柿の種 (Kakinotane) 03'32"53BowTA Wiki Rules
yuuki 06'02"15Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
yuuki 05'12"66Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
黛安娜公主 (Princess Diana) 01'54"88Heavy BowgunFreestyle
HCZS 03'49"45Charge BladeFreestyle
SDHunter 02'51"65Switch AxeFreestyle
Black Reaper 02'58"05Dual BladesFreestyle
非法打猎 02'20"99Great SwordFreestyle
丧天彪 03'42"13HammerTA Wiki Rules
shota (ショータ) 03'51"20Light BowgunFreestyle
P!ngz- 05'28"90GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
yinyin lai 03'01"55Charge BladeFreestyle
Rolltorest 04'14"65Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
ちゃん (Chang) 04'25"63Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Arthur (肉卷大大) 03'27"91Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
毛肚 03'17"99Long SwordFreestyle
Black Reaper 02'17"30Dual BladesFreestyle
HKMH Archer 02'20"99BowFreestyle
Rolltorest 03'32"41Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
泉一 03'04"78Dual BladesFreestyle
Ogarddrago 02'31"06Switch AxeFreestyle
すい (Suy) 03'59"81Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
tax_haven_klmbn 04'12"35Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
张小帅很可爱 04'42"30Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
Kashinju 04'14"73Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
早餐奶 (airA) 01'49"70Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Crimdawgx 01'54"95Great SwordFreestyle
早餐奶 (airA) 02'21"21BowTA Wiki Rules
Dr. W 02'12"01BowFreestyle
诗皖丶 (Shivan) 03'41"10Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Taxman 05'13"61Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
Ottekoi 08'59"25Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
菜菜子 03'42"73Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
TBT 03'56"01Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
꽁이아빠 04'57"18Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
牛牛 01'37"43Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Nertyyygante 02'25"96Dual BladesFreestyle
Eternal DU 02'59"35HammerTA Wiki Rules
アフロさん (Aphrodite) 05'38"03Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Amelia 02'39"11Switch AxeFreestyle
Hayato 02'15"13BowFreestyle
早餐奶 (airA) 02'35"38BowTA Wiki Rules
TBT 04'13"43Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Rolltorest 03'56"96Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Blazek 02'51"30Sword and ShieldFreestyle
早餐奶 (airA) 02'10"26Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Akkarin (Febrie) 04'31"70Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
疯语 (MadWord) 02'59"16Charge BladeFreestyle
SG K 02'19"00Great SwordFreestyle
LaoShanCrung 04'51"00LanceFreestyle
Fox Invictus 03'41"21Switch AxeFreestyle
Dichie Shiori 06'23"56LanceTA Wiki Rules
Taxman 06'05"15Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
GunGai 03'03"71Light BowgunFreestyle
Konzikinoyami 04'25"73Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
愛されてドドリア (Aisaretedodoria) 01'51"80Heavy BowgunFreestyle


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