3★ Special Arena: MR Legiana

Quest Type
Optional Quest
Special Arena


All runs

Leon 05'19"98Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
J 04'43"63Long SwordFreestyle
QBao 03'16"23Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Jin Furai 01'55"73HammerFreestyle
Min 05'24"55Light BowgunFreestyle
なつめ棗 (Natsume) 02'45"41Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
Min 04'37"11Light BowgunFreestyle
Saico 02'32"38BowTA Wiki Rules
Black Reaper 01'56"83Dual BladesFreestyle
ハシク (Hashiku) 03'11"41HammerFreestyle
twiknight 04'54"11Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
shima 03'28"48Switch AxeFreestyle
twiknight 04'01"60Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Attacker 03'08"60Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
ハシク (Hashiku) 03'26"80Long SwordFreestyle
RKD 03'53"60Hunting HornFreestyle
P!ngz- 03'56"40Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Wata. 03'17"51GunlanceFreestyle
Pochi 02'54"56Insect GlaiveFreestyle
Syake 04'31"78Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
非法打猎 02'04"99Great SwordFreestyle
Momo 02'55"91BowTA Wiki Rules
twiknight 03'29"21Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
眠爆圈 03'07"99Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Rolltorest 02'47"43Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Phemeto 01'52"13Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
なつめ棗 (Natsume) 02'21"88Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
毛肚 02'35"99Long SwordFreestyle
RocksteadyIsMyDaddy 04'25"26Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
はおー (Haoh) 02'05"60Light BowgunFreestyle
GunGai 01'56"53Light BowgunFreestyle
シロネコ (Shironeko) 02'14"76BowTA Wiki Rules
Catherine 01'42"20Light BowgunFreestyle
惠飛須沢胡桃 03'30"30Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
陌影 02'34"28Charge BladeFreestyle
Blazek 02'08"58Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Amelia 02'17"21Switch AxeFreestyle
Eternal DU 02'39"78HammerTA Wiki Rules
始初的轻语 02'24"48BowFreestyle
Galahart 03'05"68GunlanceFreestyle
TyOx MH 02'25"26GunlanceFreestyle
Fox Invictus 03'30"30Switch AxeFreestyle
TiiEleven 02'24"51Charge BladeFreestyle
Taxman 04'27"06Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
Pierrot 01'50"00HammerFreestyle
Feldunost 04'15"36LanceFreestyle
NeroZed03'32"20Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
早餐奶 (airA) 01'27"41Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Farah 03'14"45Hunting HornFreestyle
Lupin lll 01'24"95Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
GunGai 01'41"10Light BowgunFreestyle
VANS 01'44"13Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Glucosio 02'32"53Hunting HornFreestyle
TBT 02'36"45Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Crimdawgx 01'51"96Great SwordFreestyle
Kikitoudur 02'07"00BowFreestyle
String 04'26"33LanceTA Wiki Rules
Orion 03'40"48Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
我天命上班 (Misaka517) 02'09"11BowTA Wiki Rules
Kikitoudur 01'57"16BowFreestyle
Girra 02'16"90Switch AxeFreestyle
Ogarddrago 01'58"88Switch AxeFreestyle
Dr. W 01'44"71BowFreestyle
Ottekoi 04'11"11Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
烈酒 02'46"91Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Kikitoudur 01'51"90BowFreestyle
泉一 02'53"85Dual BladesFreestyle
我天命上班 (Misaka517) 01'56"65BowTA Wiki Rules
Mystia⭐ (小碎骨w) 01'35"00BowFreestyle
Dr. W 01'38"88BowFreestyle
VANS 01'21"73Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Vunusa 04'10"23LanceFreestyle


Summary (TA Wiki)

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