3★ Special Arena: MR Odogaron

Note: When running this quest, remove the permanent arena mod as this interferes with Odogaron's behaviour.

Quest Type
Optional Quest
Special Arena


All runs

Catnius 05'45"48Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
アフロさん (Aphrodite) 04'01"93Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
アフロさん (Aphrodite) 03'54"65Long SwordFreestyle
アフロさん (Aphrodite) 03'51"16Long SwordFreestyle
アフロさん (Aphrodite) 04'22"76LanceFreestyle
Sosa 04'30"99Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Datenshee 03'37"86Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
アフロさん (Aphrodite) 03'47"51Long SwordFreestyle
アフロさん (Aphrodite) 03'47"53Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Black Reaper 01'58"35Dual BladesFreestyle
DEVA 04'00"91Charge BladeFreestyle
Tom 04'26"58Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Tom 03'58"31Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
LOSER 05'29"75Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
Dandy 05'12"95HammerTA Wiki Rules
Agirao 03'57"03Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Sosa 03'42"99Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
アフロさん (Aphrodite) 03'42"23Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
さかす (Sakasu) 03'02"95BowTA Wiki Rules
GhostCortex 03'03"33Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
Sosa 03'32"60Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Mākisu 05'09"55Sword and ShieldFreestyle
DEVA 02'30"01Charge BladeFreestyle
Aqua (tigana0210) 03'32"83HammerTA Wiki Rules
Sosa 02'57"60BowTA Wiki Rules
TyOx MH 03'03"53GunlanceFreestyle
Loverdose 02'16"99Dual BladesFreestyle
Sosa 03'43"80Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Tidus69 02'54"90BowTA Wiki Rules
sweet beru 03'20"18Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
アフロさん (Aphrodite) 03'09"65Long SwordFreestyle
Orion 03'12"30Charge BladeFreestyle
专业烤肉20年 02'48"00Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
愛されてドドリア (Aisaretedodoria) 01'46"95Heavy BowgunFreestyle
P!ngz- 05'57"03GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
Sosa 02'42"35BowTA Wiki Rules
Pochi 02'44"51Insect GlaiveFreestyle
Lupin lll 02'31"25Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
小绿 03'29"99Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
アフロさん (Aphrodite) 03'17"15Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
twiknight 02'56"76Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
アフロさん (Aphrodite) 03'11"90Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Blazek 02'14"98Sword and ShieldFreestyle
TBT 04'01"15Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Tidus69 02'02"99BowFreestyle
beefcake408 04'54"43GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
LucentAegis (イージス) 03'51"11LanceFreestyle
Tidus69 02'35"95BowTA Wiki Rules
Dough Dragons 02'54"55BowTA Wiki Rules
ラギア (Ragia) 02'34"75BowTA Wiki Rules
疯语 (MadWord) 02'18"01Charge BladeFreestyle
Rolltorest 03'13"93Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Huuuch_ 03'29"46Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
さかす (Sakasu) 02'31"71BowTA Wiki Rules
Fox Invictus 03'27"67Switch AxeFreestyle
The Worst Speedrunner 04'18"46Hunting HornFreestyle
Tom 04'00"43GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
Fox Invictus 02'37"10Switch AxeFreestyle
Tom 03'08"91Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Saico 02'10"65BowTA Wiki Rules
アフロさん (Aphrodite) 02'50"68Long SwordFreestyle
shota (ショータ) 03'14"70Hunting HornFreestyle
String 04'53"58LanceTA Wiki Rules
Myth天道 02'38"70Dual BladesFreestyle
アフロさん (Aphrodite) 03'02"40Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
弄影D 02'52"18Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
Crimdawgx 01'55"91Great SwordFreestyle
Tom 02'44"46Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
早餐奶 (airA) 01'56"73Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
데쿠애옹 (Izuku midoriya) 01'48"50Dual BladesFreestyle
泉一 02'19"11Dual BladesFreestyle
アフロさん (Aphrodite) 02'49"26Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Ogarddrago 02'15"96Switch AxeFreestyle
Vunusa 02'42"81HammerFreestyle
Vunusa 02'54"30Hunting HornFreestyle


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