4★ Special Arena: MR Acidic Glavenus

Quest Type
Optional Quest
Acidic Glavenus
Special Arena


All runs

ゆうひら (YU/HIRA) 05'16"83Great SwordFreestyle
Millan Rain 03'56"06BowFreestyle
AmaDEUS_225 05'55"68Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
ryoko 04'03"28Switch AxeFreestyle
PongPong LEE 05'12"99Light BowgunFreestyle
막강한부엉이 (mightowllll) 05'00"20BowTA Wiki Rules
ボム (Bomb) 03'46"61Great SwordFreestyle
LOSER 06'04"51Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
막강한부엉이 (mightowllll) 08'38"60Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
막강한부엉이 (mightowllll) 04'02"00BowTA Wiki Rules
Everyheart 03'59"99BowTA Wiki Rules
Everyheart 03'45"99BowTA Wiki Rules
Geff 07'40"60Dual BladesFreestyle
ZebraQuake 05'03"11Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
CutieHunter 03'48"40Switch AxeFreestyle
Jay 03'31"18Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Everyheart 03'39"78BowTA Wiki Rules
楪 (ゆず, Yuzu) 03'26"65BowFreestyle
막강한부엉이 (mightowllll) 03'35"51BowTA Wiki Rules
Mai LBG 04'11"98Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
TokekTokek 04'35"10HammerTA Wiki Rules
miralis 05'55"70Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Wata. 04'33"43GunlanceFreestyle
HKMH Archer 03'04"99BowFreestyle
Key 03'37"23Great SwordFreestyle
シロネコ (Shironeko) 04'56"55Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
シロネコ (Shironeko) 03'48"36Long SwordFreestyle
HKMH Archer 02'58"99BowFreestyle
ぼーJr. (BowJr.) 02'50"40GunlanceFreestyle
Key 02'44"71Great SwordFreestyle
ぼーJr. (BowJr.) 02'40"53GunlanceFreestyle
イノリ (Inori) 02'56"70GunlanceFreestyle
LOSER 05'18"65Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
sweet beru 05'43"83GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
Momo 03'48"86BowTA Wiki Rules
ハシク (Hashiku) 04'33"18Long SwordFreestyle
Everyheart 03'26"60BowTA Wiki Rules
Momo 03'34"50BowTA Wiki Rules
Everyheart 02'53"99BowFreestyle
4nToN (4nN) 03'44"99BowTA Wiki Rules
Aqua (tigana0210) 03'53"56HammerTA Wiki Rules
ラギア (Ragia) 02'36"68BowFreestyle
シロネコ (Shironeko) 04'29"91Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
えすえす 04'52"91Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
えすえす 06'07"51Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Everyheart 03'16"85BowTA Wiki Rules
LOSER 05'17"85HammerTA Wiki Rules
막강한부엉이 (mightowllll) 03'15"58BowTA Wiki Rules
SDHunter 03'37"65Switch AxeFreestyle
HCZS 03'39"23Charge BladeFreestyle
たなきゃん (Tanakyan) 04'59"70Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
xa9Re 03'39"08HammerTA Wiki Rules
えすえす 04'48"71Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
xa9Re 03'24"18HammerTA Wiki Rules
Wata. 03'43"61GunlanceFreestyle
iwa 05'22"90Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
HCZS 02'57"55Charge BladeFreestyle
シロネコ (Shironeko) 04'03"88Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Hayato 02'53"13BowFreestyle
ラギア (Ragia) 02'56"96BowTA Wiki Rules
Shio (しお) 04'23"96Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Pochi 03'07"90Insect GlaiveFreestyle
はおー (Haoh) 02'41"46Light BowgunFreestyle
GhostCortex 03'58"25Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
TyOx MH 02'39"08GunlanceFreestyle
TKO 04'44"61Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
Randel Daora 02'26"53Light BowgunFreestyle
TKO 03'39"95GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
Ayami 02'55"55BowTA Wiki Rules
Anne Luca 03'58"60Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Black Reaper 02'48"15Dual BladesFreestyle
M.M.R 02'30"60BowTA Wiki Rules
Saico 02'27"21BowTA Wiki Rules
Randel Daora 01'48"68Heavy BowgunFreestyle
M.M.R 02'28"46BowTA Wiki Rules
CutieHunter 02'33"23Heavy BowgunFreestyle
早餐奶 (airA) 02'35"63BowTA Wiki Rules
crafter_king_ 01'56"73BowFreestyle
Osiris 02'28"35HammerFreestyle
Shio (しお) 04'52"83Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
Blazek 03'47"11Sword and ShieldFreestyle
crafter_king_ 02'37"46Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Aramii 03'18"50Charge BladeFreestyle
crafter_king_ 01'36"58Heavy BowgunFreestyle
LaoShanCrung 05'33"95LanceFreestyle
超级弱 04'47"78LanceTA Wiki Rules
HKMH Archer 02'24"99BowFreestyle
シロネコ (Shironeko) 03'50"11Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Mystia⭐ (小碎骨w) 01'44"26BowFreestyle
咩瓜 03'44"46Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
c.c. 03'32"08GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
The Worst Speedrunner 04'56"35Hunting HornFreestyle
Crimdawgx 02'16"85Great SwordFreestyle
我天命上班 (Misaka517) 02'29"53BowTA Wiki Rules
叶子suo 03'32"01Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
TBT 03'37"33Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
JJBOOMSKY 01'29"65Heavy BowgunFreestyle
02'24"60Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Neneroo 03'09"30HammerTA Wiki Rules
Mystia⭐ (小碎骨w) 01'32"76BowFreestyle
早餐奶 (airA) 02'08"95Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Ogarddrago 03'05"45Switch AxeFreestyle
Moissa莫桑 03'15"66Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
泉一 04'31"23Dual BladesFreestyle
Rolltorest 03'22"43Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
方天敕令 (Chidori) 03'11"21Long SwordFreestyle
Vunusa 04'26"03Hunting HornFreestyle
RadioUnit (아이스본망겜) 06'00"88Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
TKO 04'13"58Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
方天敕令 (Chidori) 03'39"78Long SwordTA Wiki Rules


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