4★ Special Arena: MR Black Diablos

Quest Type
Optional Quest
Black Diablos
Special Arena


All runs

HKMH Archer 03'03"99BowFreestyle
Dandy 04'41"16Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
テル (teru) 04'03"73Light BowgunFreestyle
luna 03'29"25Light BowgunFreestyle
Mai LBG 04'11"70Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Biggs 03'28"99Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Right 03'44"60Heavy BowgunFreestyle
トモキ (Tomoki) 04'44"08Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
ryoko 04'21"13Switch AxeFreestyle
PongPong LEE 03'54"99Light BowgunFreestyle
PongPong LEE 03'26"99Light BowgunFreestyle
Mai LBG 04'10"28Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Biggs 05'29"70Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
PongPong LEE 04'10"99Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Farah 03'05"85Dual BladesFreestyle
ラギア (Ragia) 02'34"08BowFreestyle
Saico 03'52"33BowTA Wiki Rules
TyOx MH 03'21"23GunlanceFreestyle
トモキ (Tomoki) 02'53"31Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Arthur (肉卷大大) 04'00"58Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
Greed Gaming 02'50"20Light BowgunFreestyle
GunGai 02'47"68Light BowgunFreestyle
个远点 05'39"10Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
はおー (Haoh) 02'21"81Light BowgunFreestyle
Pochi 03'17"48Insect GlaiveFreestyle
BloodHunt 02'17"33BowFreestyle
Bianchimani36 02'20"05Charge BladeFreestyle
Virkiato 02'42"00Charge BladeFreestyle
SDHunter 04'21"85Switch AxeFreestyle
P!ngz- 03'55"28Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Black Reaper 02'54"91Dual BladesFreestyle
Mai LBG 02'57"48Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Refill (リフィル) 02'27"01BowFreestyle
RocksteadyIsMyDaddy 03'11"46Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Dune 02'42"63Charge BladeFreestyle
CeraCymmetry 04'36"50Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
RocksteadyIsMyDaddy 02'57"88Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Huuuch_ 03'21"15Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Blazek 03'05"66Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Virkiato 02'19"40Charge BladeFreestyle
早餐奶 (airA) 02'11"50Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
E.M.T 02'54"06BowTA Wiki Rules
弗丁shushu (fuding) 04'56"86HammerTA Wiki Rules
始初的轻语 02'14"46BowFreestyle
Lara 02'37"51Charge BladeFreestyle
The Worst Speedrunner 06'13"76Hunting HornFreestyle
Taxman 07'42"31Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
愛されてドドリア (Aisaretedodoria) 02'06"40Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Anne Luca 04'46"76Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
The Worst Speedrunner 07'45"11LanceFreestyle
String 07'25"03LanceTA Wiki Rules
VANS 02'19"55Heavy BowgunFreestyle
BOBO 04'43"16Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
JJBOOMSKY 01'30"81Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Kikitoudur 02'19"61BowFreestyle
E.M.T 02'29"33BowTA Wiki Rules
Taxman 07'07"23Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
Dr. W 01'49"85BowFreestyle
Ottekoi 08'50"50Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Vunusa 02'50"85Dual BladesFreestyle
Vunusa 04'01"15Great SwordFreestyle
Vunusa 07'00"86LanceFreestyle
Mistil 05'53"46Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Ottekoi 05'40"63Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Mistil 04'56"21Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
TBT 02'28"35Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
GunGai 02'12"80Light BowgunFreestyle
Ogarddrago 03'43"50Switch AxeFreestyle
Vunusa 05'06"91Hunting HornFreestyle
Kikitoudur 02'02"63BowFreestyle
Vunusa 06'31"08LanceFreestyle
Hoaquinn 02'40"93Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Ottekoi 04'39"85Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Vunusa 03'52"03HammerFreestyle
Vunusa 03'54"51LanceFreestyle


Summary (TA Wiki)

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