4★ Special Arena: MR Ebony Odogaron

Quest Type
Optional Quest
Ebony Odogaron
Special Arena


All runs

AmaDEUS_225 04'57"28Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
LOSER 04'51"83Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
Leon 04'48"31Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Mai LBG 05'40"70Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
雪舞 04'09"33Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Deaga 04'37"78Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
ちぇりお (Chierio) 04'34"78Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Agirao 03'54"78Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
CieL 03'17"26HammerTA Wiki Rules
delbuster 04'48"93Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
jugg 03'34"80HammerTA Wiki Rules
ふな 04'37"51Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
CeraCymmetry 04'26"55HammerFreestyle
CantaPerMe 04'30"73Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Rainy 04'10"93Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Synergy Mygos 03'58"56Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Mai LBG 04'24"01Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Fay 02'56"60BowTA Wiki Rules
アフロさん (Aphrodite) 04'49"08Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Deaga 04'32"65Switch AxeFreestyle
ちぇりお (Chierio) 04'51"38Sword and ShieldFreestyle
BBDW 06'28"33Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
LOSER 08'21"98Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
Parallax 04'28"55HammerTA Wiki Rules
delbuster 06'53"71Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Cyber_bird 03'40"15Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
ryoko 03'52"36Switch AxeFreestyle
梭梭m 04'27"99Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
Utopia 05'58"31Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
jugg 04'04"13Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
TyOx MH 03'24"61GunlanceFreestyle
CieL 03'07"76HammerTA Wiki Rules
Photowork 04'01"16Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Hot Dog 04'28"33Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
SDHunter 03'02"50Switch AxeFreestyle
Photowork 03'47"46Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Aqua (tigana0210) 02'54"26HammerTA Wiki Rules
HCZS 02'47"51Charge BladeFreestyle
えのころぐさ (Enokorogusa) 03'50"53Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
GunGai 03'18"65Light BowgunFreestyle
アフロさん (Aphrodite) 04'13"20Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
YU CHIAU JIANG 03'35"11Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
ネコがみ (Nekogami Kuroha) 02'34"00BowTA Wiki Rules
Black Reaper 02'16"93Dual BladesFreestyle
twiknight 03'14"88Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
AkantoreX 04'02"99Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Xan 03'39"81GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
shota (ショータ) 03'28"83Light BowgunFreestyle
めがーぬ (Meganu) 04'10"06Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
KCGemini 05'10"03LanceTA Wiki Rules
Mai LBG 03'51"58Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Pochi 02'48"46Insect GlaiveFreestyle
Phemeto 03'42"60Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
GhostCortex 02'42"16Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
PortalFreak 04'16"50Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
Blazek 02'54"28Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Rolltorest 02'24"55Light BowgunFreestyle
woodfishman 05'06"38LanceTA Wiki Rules
りざRZX 02'50"93BowTA Wiki Rules
TBT 03'30"36Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Rolltorest 03'25"53Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Shiro 03'49"55Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Aramii 02'57"51Charge BladeFreestyle
早餐奶 (airA) 02'18"33Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
VentusX 03'43"98Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
AkantoreX 03'33"99Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Xan 03'21"20Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
iwa 03'50"70Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
KCGemini 04'22"95LanceTA Wiki Rules
Fox Invictus 03'00"93Switch AxeFreestyle
slime 03'33"58Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
RocksteadyIsMyDaddy 03'46"66Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Saico 02'13"63BowTA Wiki Rules
Glucosio 02'49"66HammerTA Wiki Rules
LS_Aibo 02'25"36BowTA Wiki Rules
牛牛 02'05"28Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Tom 03'22"90Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
泉一 02'57"43Dual BladesFreestyle
Ogarddrago 02'50"51Switch AxeFreestyle
Vunusa 02'17"48Dual BladesFreestyle
._.Moni._. 02'34"75BowTA Wiki Rules
Cog Vokan 03'18"13Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
._.Moni._. 02'29"45BowTA Wiki Rules


Summary (TA Wiki)

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