4★ Special Arena: MR Fulgur Anjanath

Quest Type
Optional Quest
Fulgur Anjanath
Special Arena


All runs

LordViettner 03'27"40Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Peco 06'58"98Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
PongPong LEE 04'02"99Light BowgunFreestyle
LOSER 05'33"00Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
tatsuffy 01'47"30Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Agirao 05'20"48Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
DEVA 03'32"06Charge BladeFreestyle
NoeL 05'27"56Insect GlaiveFreestyle
ryoko 03'49"96Switch AxeFreestyle
なつめ棗 (Natsume) 03'55"86Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
shima 04'40"68Long SwordFreestyle
Black Reaper 03'17"63Dual BladesFreestyle
Utopia 07'39"76Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
Wata. 03'29"91GunlanceFreestyle
Ghana 03'29"20Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
RKD 04'48"28Hunting HornFreestyle
ししまい (Shishimai) 03'31"36Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
トモキ (Tomoki) 03'57"53Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Tidus69 03'28"96BowTA Wiki Rules
ガラハッド (GALAHAD) 03'45"28Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Arthur (肉卷大大) 03'23"51Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
HCZS 02'27"03Charge BladeFreestyle
はおー (Haoh) 02'22"18Light BowgunFreestyle
Guntong 03'02"65BowTA Wiki Rules
湊雪菜 (minato yukina) 04'58"06Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ボム (Bomb) 03'21"70Great SwordFreestyle
P!ngz- 04'40"41GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
毛肚 03'55"99Long SwordFreestyle
毛肚 04'23"99Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Pochi 03'50"55Insect GlaiveFreestyle
トモキ (Tomoki) 03'46"01Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
毛肚 03'50"99Long SwordFreestyle
非法打猎 02'24"99Great SwordFreestyle
毛肚 03'16"99Long SwordFreestyle
毛肚 03'56"99Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ラギア (Ragia) 03'19"03BowTA Wiki Rules
トモキ (Tomoki) 02'57"60Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
BloodHunt 02'44"53BowFreestyle
Tidus69 02'58"45BowTA Wiki Rules
TyOx MH 02'34"93GunlanceFreestyle
Doong 03'43"80Charge BladeFreestyle
TBT 03'27"78Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Blazek 03'36"66Sword and ShieldFreestyle
ふつきん (Futsukin) 02'55"60BowTA Wiki Rules
CantaPerMe 04'10"73HammerTA Wiki Rules
YYGGBOND 02'23"11BowTA Wiki Rules
CutieHunter 02'04"70Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Fox Invictus 04'03"88Switch AxeFreestyle
CutieHunter 01'45"11Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Glucosio 02'54"73Charge BladeFreestyle
Farah 04'07"08Hunting HornFreestyle
Fox Invictus 03'29"81Switch AxeFreestyle
Glucosio 03'50"85Hunting HornFreestyle
Farah 03'44"25Hunting HornFreestyle
Glucosio 03'23"13Hunting HornFreestyle
Farah 03'26"28Hunting HornFreestyle
SG K 02'20"55Great SwordFreestyle
c.c. 03'41"13GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
The Worst Speedrunner 03'21"76Switch AxeFreestyle
VANS 01'44"95Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Randel Daora 01'13"43Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Dichie Shiori 05'52"80LanceTA Wiki Rules
Mr.Trololo 04'56"73LanceTA Wiki Rules
Kikitoudur 02'17"26BowFreestyle
JJBOOMSKY 01'11"85Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Eternal DU 03'43"53HammerTA Wiki Rules
Eternal DU 03'43"53HammerTA Wiki Rules
Taxman 05'17"95Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
Snooperoofle 02'19"45BowTA Wiki Rules
Vunusa 05'34"85LanceFreestyle
Girra 04'45"76Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
쥐새 (MouseBird) 03'38"08Insect GlaiveFreestyle
Ogarddrago 02'54"41Switch AxeFreestyle
YYGGBOND 02'12"68BowTA Wiki Rules
Vunusa 03'10"03Dual BladesFreestyle
Mystia⭐ (小碎骨w) 01'34"48BowFreestyle
데쿠애옹 (Izuku midoriya) 03'04"65Dual BladesFreestyle
Kikitoudur 02'08"88BowFreestyle
Rolltorest 02'27"05Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Ottekoi 05'15"20Great SwordTA Wiki Rules


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