5★ Clashing Swords Upon The Rime

Quest Type
Optional Quest
Hoarfrost Reach


All runs

GEEK 04'12"38Dual BladesFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 02'01"44Great SwordFreestyle
shima 04'40"45Switch AxeFreestyle
とらこ (Torako) 06'16"21Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
shima 05'27"40Dual BladesFreestyle
Uden 03'31"36Dual BladesFreestyle
ボム (Bomb) 02'57"65Great SwordFreestyle
Key 03'48"20Great SwordFreestyle
TAKE 02'06"13Great SwordFreestyle
Wata. 05'20"70GunlanceFreestyle
ssh0703 02'09"03BowFreestyle
YOLO 03'22"85BowTA Wiki Rules
鉄菜カエル (TetunaKaeru) 04'36"66Charge BladeFreestyle
Ricky 01'55"61Great SwordFreestyle
Key 02'17"08Great SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 01'56"11Great SwordFreestyle
ko-shi 02'01"28Great SwordFreestyle
Extros 03'54"68Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
えじお (Ejio) 03'23"38Long SwordFreestyle
Sodium 03'34"95Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
ちょこころね (choco) 02'59"53BowFreestyle
YOLO 02'59"15BowTA Wiki Rules
白夜 (Byakuya) 04'05"51GunlanceFreestyle
降临者XX (SSzzz1) 04'13"85Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
たちばなな (Tachibanana) 03'16"91Long SwordFreestyle
Mzly 03'37"83Long SwordFreestyle
Vita 03'29"65Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
ssh0703 01'59"96BowFreestyle
Momo 02'34"30BowFreestyle
なつめ棗 (Natsume) 04'48"40Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
HK_MH_OLAY 01'51"07Great SwordFreestyle
Catnius 04'28"48Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
마일로 (Mylo) 04'11"11Long SwordFreestyle
スクード (scudo) 04'25"41Charge BladeFreestyle
ゆぅ (you) 04'13"93Heavy BowgunFreestyle
幻金皓月 05'25"33LanceTA Wiki Rules
QuAくえ 04'18"01Hunting HornFreestyle
AngBata 11 03'58"20Light BowgunFreestyle
降临者XX (SSzzz1) 04'04"78Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
PEEE 03'43"46Long SwordFreestyle
Jagi 02'44"25BowFreestyle
ko-shi 01'52"76Great SwordFreestyle
謎のプリンXX 02'44"28Heavy BowgunFreestyle
hf 06'01"48Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
daiwa 03'20"46Long SwordFreestyle
Peppo 03'04"03Long SwordFreestyle
Minton 02'44"58BowTA Wiki Rules
黑化由岐 04'26"78Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
はると (Haruto) 03'12"98Long SwordFreestyle
なつめ棗 (Natsume) 04'17"56Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
サンソン (Sanson) 03'26"23Sword and ShieldFreestyle
quencher\くえ 02'58"53BowFreestyle
インザーギ (Ks Nd Zagi) 02'18"60BowFreestyle
TiiEleven 03'41"51Charge BladeFreestyle
白夜 (Byakuya) 03'55"25GunlanceFreestyle
YAMA 04'03"45GunlanceFreestyle
Mzly 02'59"11Long SwordFreestyle
とらこ (Torako) 05'29"20Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
望遠鏡 (VulpesMH) 04'33"06Sword and ShieldFreestyle
TSC 01'54"15HammerFreestyle
PEEE 03'27"91Long SwordFreestyle
CutieHunter 03'13"10Switch AxeFreestyle
CutieHunter 03'53"26Switch AxeFreestyle
ゆかち (Yukachi) 06'15"00Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
ちょこころね (choco) 02'37"33BowFreestyle
Ghana 03'57"03Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
贰拾贰 (22) 04'26"31Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
透旬 (Sukeshun) 03'10"70Long SwordFreestyle
ハコワレ (hotckrin) 02'42"38BowFreestyle
Momo 02'25"96BowFreestyle
玄茶 03'23"18HammerFreestyle
CZNeRin03'08"01Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Jerry Hu04'48"01Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Chefskywalker04'56"11Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
たま (Tama) 03'28"23Light BowgunFreestyle
がるど丸 (Garudomaru) 05'17"98Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Peppo 02'58"00Long SwordFreestyle
daiwa 03'03"10Long SwordFreestyle
yuuki 03'37"20Long SwordFreestyle
ちょこころね (choco) 02'23"76BowFreestyle
んご (ngo) 04'14"00Charge BladeFreestyle
トーリィ (Torri) 02'27"01BowFreestyle
インザーギ (Ks Nd Zagi) 02'08"30BowFreestyle
んご (ngo) 03'35"80Charge BladeFreestyle
白夜 (Byakuya) 03'41"60GunlanceFreestyle
えじお (Ejio) 02'57"08Long SwordFreestyle
謎のプリンXX 02'12"55Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Trinity 05'22"80Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
インザーギ (Ks Nd Zagi) 02'02"51BowFreestyle
YAMA 05'59"38GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
いししのしし (Ishishi-noshishi) 03'37"78Heavy BowgunFreestyle
はにゃし (Hanayashi) 03'29"21Long SwordFreestyle
こはく (Kohaku) 02'04"36BowFreestyle
インザーギ (Ks Nd Zagi) 01'58"88BowFreestyle
ゆがんだむ (Yugundam) 03'38"43Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
GEEK 03'49"38Dual BladesFreestyle
ぼーJr. (BowJr.) 04'08"96GunlanceFreestyle
5ftHax 05'24"93Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
ぼーJr. (BowJr.) 03'53"68GunlanceFreestyle
謎のプリンXX 02'04"66Heavy BowgunFreestyle
yk 06'05"93LanceFreestyle
Key 01'54"95Great SwordFreestyle
Ryo 03'34"21GunlanceFreestyle
TSC 01'46"75HammerFreestyle
こはく (Kohaku) 01'58"58BowFreestyle
さかす (Sakasu) 02'17"61BowFreestyle
Minton 01'56"16BowFreestyle
TAKE 01'55"03Great SwordFreestyle
Key 01'53"08Great SwordFreestyle
白夜 (Byakuya) 03'13"86GunlanceFreestyle
Ghana 03'30"73Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Mzly 02'55"53Long SwordFreestyle
Xeu7 02'41"58BowFreestyle
무하03'33"75Charge BladeFreestyle
Ponyteiru 04'14"56Heavy BowgunFreestyle
のーむ (Norm) 03'26"01Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
いまま (Imama) 04'23"33Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ゆかち (Yukachi) 05'25"61Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
すい (Suy) 03'58"61Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Key 04'06"68Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
ノイ (Noi) 05'53"68Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Xeu7 02'37"90BowFreestyle
はにゃし (Hanayashi) 03'04"35Long SwordFreestyle
렵적맨 04'54"28Hunting HornFreestyle
05'23"80LanceTA Wiki Rules
えのころぐさ (Enokorogusa) 02'49"55Switch AxeFreestyle
Agirao 03'57"00Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
イガグリ (igaguri) 02'49"56Switch AxeFreestyle
KCGemini 05'00"53LanceTA Wiki Rules
Ghana 03'12"15Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
19 02'51"80BowFreestyle
ちょこころね (choco) 01'59"50BowFreestyle
ゆうひら (YU/HIRA) 05'07"18Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
がるど丸 (Garudomaru) 04'52"33Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Ponyteiru 02'38"33Heavy BowgunFreestyle
quencher\くえ 02'33"60BowFreestyle
いししのしし (Ishishi-noshishi) 03'32"75Heavy BowgunFreestyle
トモキ (Tomoki) 04'01"06Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
ぜん (Zen) 03'31"76Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Tazttyyy 02'29"33BowTA Wiki Rules
黑化由岐 04'15"96Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
GEEK 03'30"96Dual BladesFreestyle
はると (Haruto) 02'58"91Long SwordFreestyle
んご (ngo) 03'30"11Charge BladeFreestyle
スクード (scudo) 03'47"45Charge BladeFreestyle
インザーギ (Ks Nd Zagi) 03'34"01Charge BladeFreestyle
KCGemini 04'47"53LanceTA Wiki Rules
はると (Haruto) 02'57"53Long SwordFreestyle
tatsuffy 04'18"33Heavy BowgunFreestyle
pepo 03'12"43HammerFreestyle
Agirao 04'26"15Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
ミズキ (Mizuki) 05'35"25Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
ハイド (hide) 02'59"08BowFreestyle
ハシク (Hashiku) 04'29"53Long SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 02'34"19Great SwordFreestyle
Randel Daora 02'25"53Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Peppo 03'47"00Long SwordFreestyle
ばろ (Baro) 04'37"70Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
YAMA 06'26"53GunlanceFreestyle
Honey Butter 04'11"36Long SwordFreestyle
Deaga 03'35"16Switch AxeFreestyle
ゼロX (Zero X) 03'43"21Switch AxeFreestyle
HKMH Archer 03'22"99BowFreestyle
TSC 02'13"41HammerFreestyle
pepo 05'38"93HammerFreestyle
黑化由岐 04'50"25Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
たま (Tama) 04'14"71Light BowgunFreestyle
yuuki 04'44"61Long SwordFreestyle
Mike Lee04'20"66Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
LOSER 05'27"48Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
のーむ (Norm) 04'34"71Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
インザーギ (Ks Nd Zagi) 02'45"11BowFreestyle
ZebraQuake 04'19"66Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
Peppo 03'30"68Long SwordFreestyle
毛肚 03'35"99Long SwordFreestyle
玄茶 03'51"46HammerFreestyle
KCGemini 07'48"71LanceTA Wiki Rules
하모 (Hamo) 03'55"41Long SwordFreestyle
ぶるば_cot (Buluba) 04'42"55Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
はると (Haruto) 03'45"31Long SwordFreestyle
Satia 03'05"10Switch AxeFreestyle
柿の種 (Kakinotane) 02'53"56BowFreestyle
674301'48"51Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Just Shaded 05'00"53Insect GlaiveFreestyle
Synergy Mygos04'22"03Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
M.M.R 02'30"58BowTA Wiki Rules
tatsuffy 01'47"33Heavy BowgunFreestyle
ハコワレ (hotckrin) 02'59"45BowFreestyle
のーむ (Norm) 05'02"55Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
DRE 03'55"71Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
すい (Suy) 04'49"25Sword and ShieldFreestyle
贰拾贰 (22) 04'34"99Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
のら (Nora) 02'53"65Switch AxeFreestyle
おおちん (Otin) 02'46"73BowFreestyle
ハシク (Hashiku) 04'37"40Dual BladesFreestyle
GEEK 04'46"90Dual BladesFreestyle
ハルケン (Haruken) 04'41"76LanceTA Wiki Rules
れんれん (Rentyo MH) 04'40"31LanceFreestyle
Minton 02'27"33BowFreestyle
TSC 03'01"71HammerTA Wiki Rules
shima 04'01"58Long SwordFreestyle
ko-shi 02'54"40Great SwordFreestyle
TAKE 03'10"55Great SwordFreestyle
白夜 (Byakuya) 04'57"15GunlanceFreestyle
mory 05'04"00Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
いわたわし (Iwatawashi) 04'37"58Charge BladeFreestyle
インザーギ (Ks Nd Zagi) 03'17"26Charge BladeFreestyle
んご (ngo) 03'12"46Charge BladeFreestyle
Uden 03'27"55Dual BladesFreestyle
ココ (coco) 08'29"66Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
たま (Tama) 03'03"45Light BowgunFreestyle
鉄菜カエル (TetunaKaeru) 03'23"98Charge BladeFreestyle
TAKE 04'01"08Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
スクード (scudo) 02'56"25Switch AxeFreestyle
スクード (scudo) 03'24"90Charge BladeFreestyle
iwa 03'03"56Charge BladeFreestyle
KCGemini 04'33"18LanceTA Wiki Rules
Track 02'58"80Long SwordFreestyle
だるまゆき (Daruma Yuki) 02'46"20Switch AxeFreestyle
とらこ (Torako) 04'35"98Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
Pacifist 02'50"78Charge BladeFreestyle
たま (Tama) 02'04"65Heavy BowgunFreestyle
えじお (Ejio) 02'52"48Long SwordFreestyle
ココ (coco) 04'19"45Insect GlaiveFreestyle
daiwa 02'58"71Long SwordFreestyle
MAX 03'16"03Charge BladeFreestyle
いわたわし (Iwatawashi) 03'11"78Charge BladeFreestyle
べらりんご 03'03"98Charge BladeFreestyle
Key 03'46"73Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
んご (ngo) 03'04"20Charge BladeFreestyle
iwa 02'51"63Charge BladeFreestyle
べらりんご 02'50"15Charge BladeFreestyle
土星の民 03'43"50Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Key 03'21"40Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
KCGemini 04'29"51LanceTA Wiki Rules
イガグリ (igaguri) 01'41"76Heavy BowgunFreestyle
恶魔的眼睛xx 03'33"40Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
daiwa 02'50"23Long SwordFreestyle
寂寥 (sekiryonokan) 04'36"71Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
ハシク (Hashiku) 04'34"88Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ko-shi 01'49"88Great SwordFreestyle
らいおんねこ 04'55"45Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
トモキ (Tomoki) 03'46"53Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
ゴン (Gon) 02'13"08Great SwordFreestyle
kumi 04'56"80Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
黑化由岐 03'42"28Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
KCGemini 04'23"73LanceTA Wiki Rules
えじお (Ejio) 02'45"85Long SwordFreestyle
ぼーJr. (BowJr.) 05'08"60GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
床ぺろ (Yukapero) 04'46"50Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
KCGemini 04'18"53LanceTA Wiki Rules
Minton 02'27"83BowTA Wiki Rules
んご (ngo) 02'45"65Charge BladeFreestyle
ハシク (Hashiku) 04'34"31Insect GlaiveFreestyle
AyLviX (あいるびっく) 02'53"35Long SwordFreestyle
Track 02'53"10Long SwordFreestyle
KCGemini 04'18"81LanceTA Wiki Rules
トモキ (Tomoki) 03'39"46Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Ryo 03'56"40GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
イガグリ (igaguri) 01'29"20Heavy BowgunFreestyle
はると (Haruto) 03'33"65Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ぜん (Zen) 02'54"53Sword and ShieldFreestyle
梭梭m 04'06"99Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
YU CHIAU JIANG 05'55"30Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
Key 03'03"26Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Minton 02'19"36BowTA Wiki Rules
残魂Residual-soul 02'58"83Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
はると (Haruto) 02'55"63Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ぜん (Zen) 02'55"31Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
寂寥 (sekiryonokan) 03'31"81Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
黑化由岐 03'16"75Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
TAKE 02'42"21Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Key 02'38"31Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Satia 02'23"55Switch AxeFreestyle
らいおんねこ 03'08"51Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
yk 04'57"60LanceTA Wiki Rules
えじお (Ejio) 02'36"78Long SwordFreestyle
なつめ棗 (Natsume) 02'59"91Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
Key 02'31"36Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Laura 02'26"80BowTA Wiki Rules
YAMA 03'46"76GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
Minton 02'16"16BowTA Wiki Rules
HK_MH_OLAY 01'42"05Great SwordFreestyle
んご (ngo) 02'55"95Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Laura 02'22"06BowTA Wiki Rules
ふつきん (Futsukin) 02'33"88BowTA Wiki Rules
Ponyteiru 01'55"38Heavy BowgunFreestyle
TAKE 02'31"18Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
えるにか (Lnica) 03'06"43Long SwordFreestyle
Laura 02'17"71BowTA Wiki Rules
ぼーJr. (BowJr.) 03'09"93GunlanceFreestyle
halt 04'34"90Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
さかす (Sakasu) 02'13"16BowTA Wiki Rules
Fay 02'21"10BowTA Wiki Rules
Laura 02'11"93BowTA Wiki Rules
さかす (Sakasu) 02'10"31BowTA Wiki Rules
入 (Hairu) 03'35"75Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
マサ (masa) 02'42"86Dual BladesFreestyle
くっしー (Kusshi) 03'43"56Insect GlaiveFreestyle
elfin 03'58"50Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
daiwa 03'31"08Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
イガグリ (igaguri) 02'32"80Switch AxeFreestyle
くっしー (Kusshi) 03'29"66Insect GlaiveFreestyle
RYO 02'59"20Long SwordFreestyle
さかす (Sakasu) 01'57"48BowFreestyle
TAKE 01'51"23Great SwordFreestyle
がるど丸 (Garudomaru) 02'57"98Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
んご (ngo) 04'18"78Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Tomo。 03'48"50GunlanceFreestyle
のら (Nora) 02'51"15Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
Patrick_Oscar 03'08"99Insect GlaiveFreestyle
チャンプ (Champ) 03'45"40Insect GlaiveFreestyle
KCGemini 03'58"05LanceTA Wiki Rules
yinyin lai 02'56"38Charge BladeFreestyle
GEEK 02'56"45Dual BladesFreestyle
NeroZed03'28"31Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Preydator 03'10"63Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
ko-shi 01'48"71Great SwordFreestyle
青之焱 (SiroKurooo) 02'42"01Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
トモキ (Tomoki) 02'52"51Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Tazttyyy 02'21"78BowTA Wiki Rules
はおー (Haoh) 02'30"36Light BowgunFreestyle
Dune 03'02"15Charge BladeFreestyle
んご (ngo) 03'10"86Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Xander1097 04'58"80Dual BladesFreestyle
WittBulter 03'23"99Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Pochi 02'49"40Insect GlaiveFreestyle
WittBulter 03'02"99Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Lupin lll 01'39"26Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
GhostCortex03'04"96Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
Ponyteiru 01'55"96Heavy BowgunFreestyle
KCGemini 03'42"35LanceTA Wiki Rules
Mzly 03'04"16Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ラギア (Ragia) 02'14"60BowTA Wiki Rules
shota (ショータ) 03'44"61Hunting HornFreestyle
いわたわし (Iwatawashi) 02'47"68Charge BladeFreestyle
ケツの割れ目桃太 (Ketsunowarememomota) 02'56"58Long SwordFreestyle
Tazttyyy 02'18"70BowTA Wiki Rules
Cybele (Vlad Tepes) 01'25"43Heavy BowgunFreestyle
ssh0703 01'38"26BowFreestyle
とないと (tonight) 02'11"05BowTA Wiki Rules
NEON 02'48"56Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Fay 02'15"55BowTA Wiki Rules
いわたわし (Iwatawashi) 02'36"30Charge BladeFreestyle
クー (Coo) 02'30"03Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
halt 04'27"98Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
iwa 02'28"23Charge BladeFreestyle
夏娜 04'24"99LanceTA Wiki Rules
지아 (Jia) 02'51"63Long SwordFreestyle
んご (ngo) 02'19"56Charge BladeFreestyle
TBT 03'01"75Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
ssh0703 01'35"48BowFreestyle
鉄菜カエル (TetunaKaeru) 02'33"01Charge BladeFreestyle
レガリア (Regalia) 01'57"60Switch AxeFreestyle
りざRZX 01'51"00BowFreestyle
えるにか (Lnica) 02'43"41Long SwordFreestyle
yinyin lai 03'08"03Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
とないと (tonight) 02'06"66BowTA Wiki Rules
Ponyteiru 01'31"06Heavy BowgunFreestyle
えじお (Ejio) 02'28"98Long SwordFreestyle
ケツの割れ目桃太 (Ketsunowarememomota) 03'19"28Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Crowoly 02'49"80Dual BladesFreestyle
トモキ (Tomoki) 02'48"18Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
DRE 02'41"18Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
レガリア (Regalia) 02'39"36Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
Key 02'25"65Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
早餐奶 (airA) 02'06"26BowTA Wiki Rules
フェンネス (Fennes) 02'53"43Light BowgunFreestyle
ネコがみ (Nekogami Kuroha) 01'58"61BowTA Wiki Rules
ネコがみ (Nekogami Kuroha) 01'35"26BowFreestyle
Millan Rain 02'05"40BowTA Wiki Rules
VANS 01'30"75Heavy BowgunFreestyle
嘟嘟嚕 02'50"58Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
ケツの割れ目桃太 (Ketsunowarememomota) 02'52"50Long SwordFreestyle
VANS 01'25"98Heavy BowgunFreestyle
降临者XX (SSzzz1) 03'29"45Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Rolltorest 02'32"68Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
黑化由岐 03'00"90Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
佛系猎人 01'26"88Heavy BowgunFreestyle
黑化由岐 02'58"01Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
VANS 01'25"58Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Dahlia 03'28"50Hunting HornFreestyle
VANS 01'24"00Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Cybele (Vlad Tepes) 01'44"36Light BowgunFreestyle
降临者XX (SSzzz1) 02'52"76Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Alternum 03'29"51Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
Lis 02'03"88BowTA Wiki Rules
pedicure 01'36"61Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
pedicure 01'22"38Heavy BowgunFreestyle
ケツの割れ目桃太 (Ketsunowarememomota) 03'08"46Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ケツの割れ目桃太 (Ketsunowarememomota) 02'41"75Long SwordFreestyle
ケツの割れ目桃太 (Ketsunowarememomota) 03'00"01Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
KCGemini 03'34"60LanceTA Wiki Rules
欢爱Hの纠结 (欢爱リン様のセバ) 02'37"96Dual BladesFreestyle
诸葛不太亮 01'21"85Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Lis 01'58"43BowTA Wiki Rules
Aris 02'20"51Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
ケツの割れ目桃太 (Ketsunowarememomota) 02'50"45Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
VANS 01'20"80Heavy BowgunFreestyle
んご (ngo) 02'49"23Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Attacker 02'59"30Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
エルピス (ELPIS.D.R) 01'49"18BowFreestyle
VANS 01'34"38Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
ぼーJr. (BowJr.) 02'48"23GunlanceFreestyle


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