5★ It's the Afterlife for Me

Quest Type
Optional Quest
Blackveil Vaal Hazak
Rotten Vale


All runs

DEVA 06'46"85Charge BladeFreestyle
くっしー (Kusshi) 07'38"91Insect GlaiveFreestyle
のら (Nora) 05'54"11Switch AxeFreestyle
AmaDEUS_225 06'13"20Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
ハシク (Hashiku) 06'08"51Long SwordFreestyle
NoeL 06'31"98Insect GlaiveFreestyle
Pochi 06'31"83Insect GlaiveFreestyle
ガース (ga-su) 05'36"03Long SwordFreestyle
小聖_ 05'12"90Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
くっしー (Kusshi) 06'27"46Insect GlaiveFreestyle
くっしー (Kusshi) 05'55"01Insect GlaiveFreestyle
くっしー (Kusshi) 05'35"31Insect GlaiveFreestyle
はおー (Haoh) 06'56"25Light BowgunFreestyle
jigai 05'42"75HammerTA Wiki Rules
にくじゃが (Nikujaga) 07'45"53Dual BladesFreestyle
劍鬼恋歌 07'19"66Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
くっしー (Kusshi) 06'37"56Insect GlaiveFreestyle
Right 05'41"78Heavy BowgunFreestyle
小聖_ 05'48"80Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
emperor 04'02"68Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
はおー (Haoh) 05'54"41Light BowgunFreestyle
Dichie Shiori 07'47"38Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Suzi L. 08'17"46Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ガース (ga-su) 05'52"86Long SwordFreestyle
Suzi L. 06'29"68Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
NEON 05'36"86Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Qiao哥 07'41"28GunlanceFreestyle
湊雪菜 (minato yukina) 06'07"18Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
小聖_ 04'16"20Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Dahl 06'13"40Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
のら (Nora) 05'43"85Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
焗香蔬蟹煲 05'35"43Insect GlaiveFreestyle
TBT 06'53"90Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
黛安娜公主 (Princess Diana) 02'29"00Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Virkiato 04'24"58Charge BladeFreestyle
Dahl 05'51"55Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Dahl 05'08"56Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Lupin lll 03'03"23Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
TiiEleven 04'43"06Charge BladeFreestyle
keta 04'35"16Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
NEON 03'38"61Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Tidus69 02'49"28BowFreestyle
CutieHunter 03'46"80Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Dichie Shiori 06'50"25LanceTA Wiki Rules
String 06'42"65LanceTA Wiki Rules
Virkiato 04'08"41Charge BladeFreestyle
데쿠애옹 (Izuku midoriya) 06'03"28Dual BladesFreestyle
黛安娜公主 (Princess Diana) 01'57"51Heavy BowgunFreestyle


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