5★ Mark of the Sun

Quest Type
Optional Quest
Elder's Recess


All runs

ゼロX (Zero X) 05'15"41Switch AxeFreestyle
SEAFIGHT 04'55"75Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
HCZS 04'46"66Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
くっしー (Kusshi) 06'25"93Insect GlaiveFreestyle
arcticz 03'54"56Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Agirao 03'43"26Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Zero 06'37"11Long SwordFreestyle
seemo 04'29"58HammerTA Wiki Rules
V1489 Cygni 03'44"56HammerFreestyle
mory 05'01"78Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
mory 04'17"96Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
MEGA evolution (めがしんか) 02'59"68BowTA Wiki Rules
MEGA evolution (めがしんか) 02'57"90BowTA Wiki Rules
影武者 04'33"10GunlanceFreestyle
影武者 04'14"10GunlanceFreestyle
いろはす (Iroha) 02'40"41BowTA Wiki Rules
Hybris 03'22"03HammerTA Wiki Rules
Honey Butter 04'24"60Long SwordFreestyle
トモキ (Tomoki) 07'46"51Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Boosted 04'51"26Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
YAMA 04'46"36GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
きむかず (Kimkaz) 02'57"01BowFreestyle
2号 05'38"43Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
HK_MH_OLAY 02'41"55Great SwordFreestyle
ゼロX (Zero X) 04'20"00Switch AxeFreestyle
Zero 06'04"66Long SwordFreestyle
ハシク (Hashiku) 04'47"88Long SwordFreestyle
ID 04'19"60Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Momo 02'46"95BowFreestyle
えり (Eri) 04'22"33Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
きむかず (Kimkaz) 02'54"75BowFreestyle
愛されてドドリア (Aisaretedodoria) 03'39"78Heavy BowgunFreestyle
きむかず (Kimkaz) 02'44"50BowFreestyle
TSC 02'26"01HammerFreestyle
JJ 04'38"23Long SwordFreestyle
Shiro 04'06"80Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
愛されてドドリア (Aisaretedodoria) 03'10"73Heavy BowgunFreestyle
HKMH Archer 04'03"99BowFreestyle
SEAFIGHT 05'38"00Charge BladeFreestyle
ボム (Bomb) 03'55"30Great SwordFreestyle
tatsuffy 03'46"43Heavy BowgunFreestyle
HCZS 05'56"78Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
tuppi 05'27"75HammerTA Wiki Rules
ららららr 06'38"25Insect GlaiveFreestyle
AmaDEUS_225 05'52"81Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
daiwa 05'42"55Long SwordFreestyle
HCZS 05'20"38Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
ぶるば_cot (Buluba) 05'12"53Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Rainy 04'41"65Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
愛されてドドリア (Aisaretedodoria) 02'53"93Heavy BowgunFreestyle
黑化由岐 04'43"03Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
TSC 02'13"18HammerFreestyle
トモキ (Tomoki) 06'59"71Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
JJ 03'52"33Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Kay 01'54"88Heavy BowgunFreestyle
DRE 04'32"76Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
トーリィ (Torri) 03'01"50BowTA Wiki Rules
トーリィ (Torri) 02'57"33BowTA Wiki Rules
ぼーJr. (BowJr.) 04'37"28GunlanceFreestyle
くっしー (Kusshi) 05'22"58Insect GlaiveFreestyle
泉水 (Izumi) 04'03"18Long SwordFreestyle
わらびもち 05'52"35Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
MEGA evolution (めがしんか) 02'41"55BowTA Wiki Rules
JJ 03'50"81Long SwordFreestyle
さかす (Sakasu) 02'52"15BowTA Wiki Rules
太空企鹅 (Space Penguin) 05'56"53Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
ぜん (Zen) 03'53"40Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Tazttyyy 02'39"58BowTA Wiki Rules
なつめ棗 (Natsume) 04'13"56Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
SIX ZERO 02'44"16BowTA Wiki Rules
iwa 04'50"15Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
シッョト (shillyoto) 04'08"63Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Mzly 03'59"63Long SwordFreestyle
iwa 04'27"86Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
わらびもち 04'46"21Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
のら (Nora) 04'23"00Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
iwa 03'45"66Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
ぜん (Zen) 03'22"40Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
ぼーJr. (BowJr.) 03'57"16GunlanceFreestyle
トモキ (Tomoki) 03'58"70Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
りざRZX 02'43"66BowTA Wiki Rules
DRE 03'42"25Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
トモキ (Tomoki) 03'44"40Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
ICARUS 04'17"21Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Minton 02'25"08BowTA Wiki Rules
Peppo 03'13"40Long SwordFreestyle
Shiro 03'12"10Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
さかす (Sakasu) 02'26"76BowTA Wiki Rules
きむかず (Kimkaz) 02'30"38BowTA Wiki Rules
Mzly 03'11"18Long SwordFreestyle
Lupin lll 01'55"23Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
マサ (masa) 03'09"08Dual BladesFreestyle
Cybele (Vlad Tepes) 03'25"43Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
さかす (Sakasu) 02'19"86BowTA Wiki Rules
Cybele (Vlad Tepes) 01'48"70Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
makio 08'16"46LanceFreestyle
RYO 03'54"56Long SwordFreestyle
YOLO 02'39"96BowTA Wiki Rules
Lupin lll 01'50"46Heavy BowgunFreestyle
JJ 04'40"58Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Dahl 04'16"93Long SwordFreestyle
keta 04'05"70Long SwordFreestyle
はおー (Haoh) 04'51"40Light BowgunFreestyle
ぜん (Zen) 03'51"93Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
毛肚 03'35"99Long SwordFreestyle
Laura 02'47"31BowTA Wiki Rules
わらびもち 05'37"10Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
Shiro 03'46"16Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Laura 02'30"75BowTA Wiki Rules
makio 06'57"88LanceTA Wiki Rules
iwa 03'55"06Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
小绿 03'49"99Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
Ponyteiru 02'38"35Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Tazttyyy 02'28"70BowTA Wiki Rules
Ponyteiru 02'11"36Heavy BowgunFreestyle
NoeL 04'50"40Insect GlaiveFreestyle
Pochi 04'26"70Insect GlaiveFreestyle
トーリィ (Torri) 02'35"73BowTA Wiki Rules
トーリィ (Torri) 02'23"51BowTA Wiki Rules
Tazttyyy 02'29"38BowTA Wiki Rules
方天敕令 (Chidori) 01'46"26Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Cybele (Vlad Tepes) 03'22"16Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Phemeto 03'35"78Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Peppo 03'26"51Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Alter 02'23"83BowTA Wiki Rules
きむかず (Kimkaz) 02'27"06BowTA Wiki Rules
泉水 (Izumi) 03'16"18HammerTA Wiki Rules
トーカ (Toka) 04'08"11Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
HK_MH_OLAY 02'34"99Great SwordFreestyle
トーカ (Toka) 03'44"91Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
Arthur (肉卷大大) 03'22"63Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
Ponyteiru 01'47"96Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Mzly 03'18"41Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Cybele (Vlad Tepes) 02'17"05BowTA Wiki Rules
なつめ棗 (Natsume) 03'20"40Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
Cybele (Vlad Tepes) 01'43"50Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Lautus Pluma 04'31"31GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
luna 03'06"65Light BowgunFreestyle
ふつきん (Futsukin) 02'23"73BowTA Wiki Rules
Saico 02'16"80BowTA Wiki Rules
トーカ (Toka) 03'15"45Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
anniii 03'24"00Great SwordFreestyle
Lautus Pluma 03'54"16GunlanceFreestyle
Bertrand (베르트랑) 03'51"18HammerFreestyle
Arthur (肉卷大大) 03'19"65Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
トモキ (Tomoki) 03'28"85Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
ノイ (Noi) 03'08"48Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Osiris 02'47"66Long SwordFreestyle
Alter 02'11"53BowTA Wiki Rules
VANS 01'46"86Heavy BowgunFreestyle
VANS 01'40"86Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Waty~ 01'39"05Heavy BowgunFreestyle
하나 (Hana) 04'39"53Hunting HornFreestyle
VANS 01'38"20Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Crowoly 03'06"46Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
라료라료 02'58"26Hunting HornFreestyle
いろはす (Iroha) 02'03"85BowTA Wiki Rules
花舞 03'12"93Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
陌影 03'44"33Charge BladeFreestyle
Starlord_MHW 03'22"03Charge BladeFreestyle
VANS 01'42"65Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
恶魔的眼睛xx 03'12"13Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Lautus Pluma 03'36"58GunlanceFreestyle
Waty~ 01'31"30Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Alter 02'02"03BowTA Wiki Rules


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