5★ Wings of the Wind

Quest Type
Optional Quest
Kushala Daora
Elder's Recess


All runs

とーれん (Toren) 04'59"96Switch AxeFreestyle
YAMA 03'48"91GunlanceFreestyle
クー (Coo) 03'10"93Great SwordFreestyle
Zero 05'01"71Long SwordFreestyle
クー (Coo) 02'58"46Great SwordFreestyle
はおー (Haoh) 04'40"61Light BowgunFreestyle
Mai LBG 06'02"03Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
ko-shi 02'46"85Great SwordFreestyle
折紙正宗 (Origami Masamune) 07'17"08Switch AxeFreestyle
YAMA 03'23"63GunlanceFreestyle
ssh0703 02'56"00BowFreestyle
Zero 04'28"36Long SwordFreestyle
クー (Coo) 02'46"83Great SwordFreestyle
ko-shi 02'37"90Great SwordFreestyle
Randel Daora 02'07"75Heavy BowgunFreestyle
クー (Coo) 03'08"08Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
J 04'13"60Long SwordFreestyle
TiiEleven 06'28"85Charge BladeFreestyle
望遠鏡 (VulpesMH) 03'58"30Sword and ShieldFreestyle
무아 (mua) 05'23"88Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
のほ 03'03"28Great SwordFreestyle
shota (ショータ) 08'19"60Hunting HornFreestyle
Laura 03'41"55BowTA Wiki Rules
望遠鏡 (VulpesMH) 03'31"58Sword and ShieldFreestyle
りざRZX 03'21"41BowFreestyle
のほ 02'57"85Great SwordFreestyle
Laura 03'26"60BowTA Wiki Rules
BloodHunt 02'57"08BowFreestyle
クー (Coo) 02'30"66Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
毛肚 02'58"99Long SwordFreestyle
ssh0703 02'35"35BowFreestyle
はおー (Haoh) 04'05"16Light BowgunFreestyle
のほ 02'25"78Great SwordFreestyle
クー (Coo) 02'30"20Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
トモキ (Tomoki) 04'10"08Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
のほ 02'22"95Great SwordFreestyle
Momo 04'07"96BowTA Wiki Rules
ネコがみ (Nekogami Kuroha) 02'34"06BowFreestyle
ssh0703 02'29"68BowFreestyle
Zero 04'13"18Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Patrick_Oscar 04'47"99Insect GlaiveFreestyle
ko-shi 02'07"36Great SwordFreestyle
チャンプ (Champ) 05'33"93Insect GlaiveFreestyle
Lupin lll 02'35"88Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Peppo 02'50"01Long SwordFreestyle
おーま 02'11"56Great SwordFreestyle
Pochi 04'19"51Insect GlaiveFreestyle
Randel Daora 01'50"73Heavy BowgunFreestyle
TSC 04'13"33HammerFreestyle
望遠鏡 (VulpesMH) 02'27"18Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Laura 03'23"68BowTA Wiki Rules
ネコがみ (Nekogami Kuroha) 02'29"00BowFreestyle
ssh0703 02'25"53BowFreestyle
ネコがみ (Nekogami Kuroha) 02'22"60BowFreestyle
TSC 03'50"46HammerFreestyle
ssh0703 02'15"33BowFreestyle
クー (Coo) 02'28"10Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
りざRZX 02'36"16BowFreestyle
トモキ (Tomoki) 03'53"25Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
CutieHunter 02'45"18Heavy BowgunFreestyle
クー (Coo) 02'27"78Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
ICARUS 03'57"40Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
J 03'11"63Long SwordFreestyle
トモキ (Tomoki) 04'14"08Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
J 03'51"50Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ICARUS 03'39"63Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Mzly 02'50"36Long SwordFreestyle
ネコがみ (Nekogami Kuroha) 02'13"90BowFreestyle
トモキ (Tomoki) 03'35"21Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
早餐奶 (airA) 02'03"56Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Laura 03'15"60BowTA Wiki Rules
りざRZX 02'35"76BowFreestyle
Cybele (Vlad Tepes) 01'52"65Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Lupin lll 01'56"25Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Lupin lll 01'47"83Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Cybele (Vlad Tepes) 01'47"68Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Momo 04'50"21BowTA Wiki Rules
愛されてドドリア (Aisaretedodoria) 02'52"95Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Ricky 02'10"16Great SwordFreestyle
Zero 04'15"61Long SwordFreestyle
ぼーJr. (BowJr.) 03'42"88GunlanceFreestyle
毛肚 03'43"99Long SwordFreestyle
BloodHunt 03'03"06BowFreestyle
毛肚 03'15"99Long SwordFreestyle
Saico 04'24"98BowTA Wiki Rules
ちゃん (Chang) 04'56"36Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
daiwa 03'51"13Long SwordFreestyle
入 (Hairu) 04'39"71Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
望遠鏡 (VulpesMH) 04'43"86Sword and ShieldFreestyle
クー (Coo) 02'52"48Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Farah 08'07"78Dual BladesFreestyle
クー (Coo) 02'51"23Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
望遠鏡 (VulpesMH) 04'15"85Sword and ShieldFreestyle


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