6★ Special Arena: MR Zinogre

Quest Type
Optional Quest
Special Arena


All runs

すぷかれ〜 06'03"16Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
TKO 07'06"15HammerFreestyle
ゆうひら (YU/HIRA) 06'29"65HammerFreestyle
VeilLittle 05'34"10Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
CantaPerMe 06'39"01Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
Zer0ExX 05'43"00Long SwordFreestyle
柿の種 (Kakinotane) 04'59"78BowFreestyle
Fay 04'33"90BowTA Wiki Rules
Jay 03'46"10Heavy BowgunFreestyle
黑光 (雲鎏ひかり) 05'27"78Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ハシク (Hashiku) 05'51"43Long SwordFreestyle
ちぇりお (Chierio) 05'49"56Sword and ShieldFreestyle
QuAくえ 07'57"20Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
TKO 06'43"65Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
yuuki 05'20"93Long SwordFreestyle
黑光 (雲鎏ひかり) 04'33"46Long SwordFreestyle
DRE 05'41"58Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
Zelda Hunter 06'26"99Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
Wata. 05'47"31GunlanceFreestyle
VeilLittle 04'27"66Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Zer0ExX 05'13"76Long SwordFreestyle
柿の種 (Kakinotane) 03'48"51BowFreestyle
Aqua (tigana0210) 05'55"53HammerTA Wiki Rules
Mediza 05'56"05Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
longinusacg 06'20"03Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
孤独停车场 (矜竹) 06'04"99Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
吱吱 05'27"59Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Asura 04'56"99Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
hitoshi 05'51"45Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Aqua (tigana0210) 05'47"16HammerTA Wiki Rules
Hybris 05'27"65HammerTA Wiki Rules
Del-Pi 07'04"61Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Millan Rain 04'32"25BowTA Wiki Rules
孤独停车场 (矜竹) 05'46"60Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Millan Rain 04'22"45BowTA Wiki Rules
ゆかち (Yukachi) 07'16"26Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
Mai LBG 05'38"58Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Millan Rain 04'16"60BowTA Wiki Rules
个远点 05'55"31Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
吃瘪王366 05'27"93Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
yk 06'46"73LanceFreestyle
SEAFIGHT 07'30"33Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
ゆかち (Yukachi) 06'32"00Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
Suzi L. 05'50"21Long SwordFreestyle
シロネコ (Shironeko) 05'24"00Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
TKO 04'04"45GunlanceFreestyle
Wata. 04'57"66GunlanceFreestyle
HerbsNstuff05'53"03Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
longinusacg 05'40"30Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
孤独停车场 (矜竹) 05'43"78Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Suzi L. 05'05"73Long SwordFreestyle
TKO 05'43"68Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
J 05'56"60Long SwordFreestyle
雪舞 03'29"95Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
孤独停车场 (矜竹) 05'33"80Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Del-Pi 06'24"45Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
hf 06'55"86Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
ソラ (Sora) 03'52"78Great SwordFreestyle
Aqua (tigana0210) 05'14"36HammerTA Wiki Rules
望遠鏡 (VulpesMH) 04'51"78Great SwordFreestyle
petal_nf 06'50"21Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
zexterior 05'35"41GunlanceFreestyle
NoeL 05'03"25Insect GlaiveFreestyle
ノイ (Noi) 06'07"88Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
吃瘪王366 05'16"70Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
雪舞 05'08"99Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Leon 05'32"35Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
tuppi 07'58"70HammerTA Wiki Rules
蜂蜜ゆうた (Yuuta) 05'45"01LanceFreestyle
劍鬼恋歌 05'52"00Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
AngBata 11 05'14"53Light BowgunFreestyle
TYJordan 05'58"83Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ryoko 04'49"99Switch AxeFreestyle
Rainy 05'29"03Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Photowork 04'47"35Charge BladeFreestyle
LOSER 09'02"01Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
ID 06'31"70Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Bianchimani36 04'49"95Charge BladeFreestyle
折紙正宗 (Origami Masamune) 04'29"96Switch AxeFreestyle
TKO 05'53"71GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
petal_nf 08'06"73Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
幻金皓月 06'36"91LanceTA Wiki Rules
ゆうひら (YU/HIRA) 05'51"15Long SwordFreestyle
かげろう (Kagerou) 06'00"01Long SwordFreestyle
Honey Butter 05'47"26Long SwordFreestyle
hitoshi 06'09"88Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Ru 05'55"10Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
吃瘪王366 05'56"99Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
BBDW 07'01"86Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Honey Butter 05'45"90Long SwordFreestyle
막강한부엉이 (mightowllll) 04'32"38BowTA Wiki Rules
吃瘪王366 04'52"00Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
렵적맨 07'46"38Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
NoeL 04'55"36Insect GlaiveFreestyle
Momo 04'48"80BowTA Wiki Rules
孤独停车场 (矜竹) 05'07"63Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
HKMH Archer 03'36"99BowFreestyle
テトラ (Tetora) 04'30"56Great SwordFreestyle
ぼーJr. (BowJr.) 03'58"26GunlanceFreestyle
床ぺろ (Yukapero) 06'18"20Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
longinusacg 05'54"03Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
Hot Dog 05'58"60Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
막강한부엉이 (mightowllll) 04'26"86BowTA Wiki Rules
白夜 (Byakuya) 03'18"45GunlanceFreestyle
HKMH Archer 03'11"99BowFreestyle
Asura 04'22"99Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
白夜 (Byakuya) 02'55"18GunlanceFreestyle
TKO 04'50"36Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
ハト (hato) 05'28"90Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
YU CHIAU JIANG 05'40"11Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
TKO 04'45"71GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
Farah 04'40"56Dual BladesFreestyle
SDHunter 03'58"23Switch AxeFreestyle
風丸 (Kazemaru) 04'46"53Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Momo 04'39"15BowTA Wiki Rules
Zelda Hunter 05'57"98Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
luna 04'49"96Light BowgunFreestyle
TKO 05'50"15Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Del-Pi 05'50"05Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
ハシク (Hashiku) 05'20"68Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
zexterior 07'22"60LanceTA Wiki Rules
なつめ棗 (Natsume) 04'42"03Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
yuuki 05'21"00Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Del-Pi 04'44"81Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
AkantoreX 05'06"33Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Momo 03'52"00BowTA Wiki Rules
Arthur (肉卷大大) 04'38"86Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
yinyin lai 04'51"88Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
ハト (hato) 04'48"63Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
シロネコ (Shironeko) 04'39"21Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ソラ (Sora) 03'23"76Great SwordFreestyle
Hayato 02'51"43BowFreestyle
Pochi 03'30"40Insect GlaiveFreestyle
あさだ (Asada) 05'51"03LanceTA Wiki Rules
longinusacg 03'59"70Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
はおー (Haoh) 03'12"91Light BowgunFreestyle
TKO 04'35"45Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
ハト (hato) 04'38"05Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
吃瘪王366 04'14"99Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
咩瓜 03'39"53Long SwordFreestyle
Rolltorest 04'58"48Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
超级弱 05'03"33LanceTA Wiki Rules
超级弱 04'55"31LanceTA Wiki Rules
YU CHIAU JIANG 04'16"10Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
团子君23333 04'23"10Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
柿の種 (Kakinotane) 04'15"70BowTA Wiki Rules
柿の種 (Kakinotane) 02'48"36BowFreestyle
HKMH Archer 02'37"99BowFreestyle
ボム (Bomb) 03'19"36Great SwordFreestyle
Tidus69 04'14"06BowTA Wiki Rules
ふつきん (Futsukin) 03'46"78BowTA Wiki Rules
シロネコ (Shironeko) 04'23"18Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Randel Daora 02'05"65Heavy BowgunFreestyle
zexterior 07'04"90LanceTA Wiki Rules
丧天彪 05'19"18HammerTA Wiki Rules
Black Reaper 03'56"78Dual BladesFreestyle
Syake 06'29"68Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
マサ (masa) 03'43"21Dual BladesFreestyle
J 04'55"50Long SwordFreestyle
团子君23333 04'46"30Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
猫车川KT (chimera) 04'44"99Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
HKMH Archer 02'56"99BowFreestyle
J 04'50"35Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
Momo 04'17"38BowTA Wiki Rules
Mzly 03'57"63Long SwordFreestyle
见月 05'31"05Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
하루 04'36"76Light BowgunFreestyle
ゆうひら (YU/HIRA) 03'53"90Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
猫车川KT (chimera) 04'20"41Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
疯语 (MadWord) 04'54"99Charge BladeFreestyle
疯语 (MadWord) 03'54"63Charge BladeFreestyle
けーさん 05'20"98Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
サンソン (Sanson) 02'53"68Sword and ShieldFreestyle
焗香蔬蟹煲 04'34"28Insect GlaiveFreestyle
Amelia 03'32"91Switch AxeFreestyle
TKO 04'37"23Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
ryoko 04'11"48Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
M.M.R 03'16"60BowTA Wiki Rules
けーさん 04'51"75Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
望遠鏡 (VulpesMH) 02'38"30Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Cog Vokan 06'24"36Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
柿の種 (Kakinotane) 03'44"81BowTA Wiki Rules
c.c. 05'27"33GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
TBT 04'52"28Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
柿の種 (Kakinotane) 02'35"63BowFreestyle
黑子 (Kuroko) 05'02"73Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
Aramii 03'46"01Charge BladeFreestyle
疯语 (MadWord) 03'42"48Charge BladeFreestyle
早餐奶 (airA) 02'31"81Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Del-Pi 03'47"76Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
TKO 04'48"45Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
BOSS 02'24"81Heavy BowgunFreestyle
贞德 04'27"23GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
AkantoreX 03'51"21Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
JJBOOMSKY 01'51"18Heavy BowgunFreestyle
TKO 04'21"68GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
Alternum 05'54"35Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
Moissa莫桑 04'28"65Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
贞德 03'56"30GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
エクセリア (xelia) 03'27"40Light BowgunFreestyle
青之焱 (SiroKurooo) 04'58"51Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
Arthur (肉卷大大) 04'09"16Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
Re Zwei 03'27"68BowTA Wiki Rules
HKMH Archer 02'29"99BowFreestyle
刃下心メ 04'03"76Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
HKMH Archer 02'25"99BowFreestyle
DoGE 04'05"05Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
대전설 (Grand Legend) 04'05"21Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
YYGGBOND 02'56"18BowTA Wiki Rules
Crowoly 04'02"41Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
早餐奶 (airA) 03'52"15Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Crowoly 03'51"18Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
烈酒 03'59"91Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
RadioUnit (아이스본망겜) 07'39"81Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
Vunusa 04'55"05HammerFreestyle
Alternum 04'57"65Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
Mirror2020 03'24"90BowTA Wiki Rules
RadioUnit (아이스본망겜) 07'04"80Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
Terriem特瑞恩 03'28"48Long SwordFreestyle
Mirror2020 03'20"28BowTA Wiki Rules
Witchdoctor 04'33"40Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
Alternum 04'43"70Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
早餐奶 (airA) 02'39"01Light BowgunFreestyle
Saico 02'50"31BowTA Wiki Rules
라료라료 03'24"85Hunting HornFreestyle
BOBO 03'59"43Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
乌贼小章鱼 03'26"46Long SwordFreestyle
Ogarddrago 03'31"90Switch AxeFreestyle
HCZS 03'14"63Charge BladeFreestyle
데쿠애옹 (Izuku midoriya) 03'36"70Dual BladesFreestyle
TKO 04'24"85Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules


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